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A Day to Remember in Prague | Bachelorette Party Photographer

26. 7. 2016

A Day to Remember in Prague | Bachelorette Party Photographer

Prague is known for its dramatic architecture, historical ambiance and dynamic energy. One lucky bride-to-be made the City of a Hundred Spires the setting for her hen party, and captured these fun photographs of an…

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13. 7. 2016

Couple’s Vacation in Vibrant Spanish City | Barcelona Photographer

Barcelona is the heart of Catalonia. This chic cosmopolitan city attracts and inspires millions of visitors each year. On their Spanish vacation, a husband and wife captured the charm and romance of Barcelona in this…

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10. 7. 2016

Family vacation in Pisa | Photographer in Tuscany

Italy: the word alone conjures images of world-class cuisine, sun-drenched coasts, and ancient monuments standing tall after hundreds of years. One family used an iconic piece of Italian architecture as the backdrop for these remarkable…

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