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The Best of the Algarve – The Tastes, the Sights and Sounds

28. 4. 2017 The Best of the Algarve

The Best of the Algarve – The Tastes, the Sights and Sounds

Whether you are charmed by the light dancing on the waves of the Atlantic, seduced by the taste of freshly caught tuna, or dazzled by the cobbled streets of its villages, once you visit the…

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25. 4. 2017 proposal photographer

Top Trends in the World of Marriage Proposals

Thinking of a proposal idea can be nerve-wracking. But thanks to social media constantly featuring over-the-top and extreme proposals, a lot of people find themselves wondering what they can do to propose in a way…

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20. 4. 2017 photographer in Budapest

A Romantic Adventure in the Heart of Budapest

Budapest is home to some of the most iconic sights in Hungary. Known for producing famous minds, its history is astounding. Join this beautiful couple as they travel the wonderful paths, enjoying their special time…

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18. 4. 2017 Vacation photographer in Venice

The Ultimate Trip to Venice Captured by A Personal Vacation Photographer

Ah Venice, the city of love. Full of beautiful buildings, both aesthetically and historically. They make it an astonishing destination for a solo traveller to soak up the culture and a unique chance for a…

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14. 4. 2017 Brooklyn NYC travel tips

Experience Brooklyn Like A Local

Did you know that Brooklyn is the 4th largest city in the US (if you separate it from New York City)? The borough has experienced an explosion of popularity in the last 10 years and…

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