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A Fun and Romantic Photo Shoot to Mark a Very Special Occasion

31. 1. 2018 professional video in Bali

A Fun and Romantic Photo Shoot to Mark a Very Special Occasion

Millions of people each year travel to the spectacular province of Indonesia, Bali. Rich with a wide variety of cultures, natural landscapes, history and welcoming peoples, it is clear to see why people would travel to Bali.…

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29. 1. 2018 photographer in Venice

A Surprise Proposal in Venice

Venice, one of the world’s most beautiful destinations, is a city in Italy where Renaissance artists like Titan flourished. Beauty is the very essence of Venice. It is also the setting for the magical day Gerti was…

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26. 1. 2018 solo vacation photographer in Hawaii

A Waikiki Beach Birthday Photo Shoot to Remember

Photoshoots are the ideal memory-maker, and when Sara approached us for a spool photoshoot on Waikiki beach for a memorable birthday celebration, we were happy to help make these memories. Waikiki beach is a series of five…

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21. 1. 2018 vacation photographer in Stockholm, Sweden

Special Moments Captured in the Venice of the North, Stockholm

Every special moment a couple will live through needs an equally important special set of photographs. Situated in the “World’s Biggest Small Town” Leo wanted to capture his first trip to Stockholm, Sweden with his partner. With…

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18. 1. 2018 couple vacation photographer in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Honeymoon Anniversary to Remember

“Where there is love, there is life” is a famous quote from Mahatma Gandhi, and is a quote which is ever so prominent in these sets of photographs. On the streets of one of the most famous…

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