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Love and Life Under the Spectacular Skies of Lisbon

31. 3. 2018 Photographer in Lisbon

Love and Life Under the Spectacular Skies of Lisbon

Lisbon is the go-to place at any time. Be it for a vacation, surprise proposal, or a couple on a romantic escapade. It expands over seven hills, perched on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, with…

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29. 3. 2018 Photographer in Montego Bay

Enjoy a Professional Photo Session While You Honeymoon at Montego Bay

Montego Bay is one of the most popular, colorful and romantic islands for your perfect honeymoon. It is well known for its sprawling white beaches and incredible sceneries. Visitors arrive in planes and cruise ships with sunscreen…

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28. 3. 2018 Photographer in Budapest

Breathless in Budapest

Adrian wanted only the finest for his fiancé to be. And so he decided a secret proposal after a classy dinner at the Halászbástya Restaurant in Budapest, Hungary, would be the way to go. And since he…

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27. 3. 2018

Amsterdam: an Alternative Proposal Destination

When the time comes to ask “the big question”, finding a perfect spot is on the top of the list. Thus, while planning a memorable trip with your other half, it is natural to think over about…

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26. 3. 2018 Photographer in Bangkok

A Model Shoot in Sultry Bangkok

Kimberly is a stunning model with a bit of an issue. She’s new to Thailand and wants to do a shoot at one of the many, many temples in the city of Bangkok. But she doesn’t…

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