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She Said Yes! A Proposal on Lake Garda in North Italy

30. 4. 2018 Photographer in Lake Garda

She Said Yes! A Proposal on Lake Garda in North Italy

Boris found the perfect location to propose to his long-time partner. Lake Garda, one of the most photogenic destinations in North Italy. All he needed was someone to capture the event and so he reached…

29. 4. 2018 Photographer in Hawaii

Planning a Secret Proposal? You Need to Do It in Hawaii!

Planning to propose to your partner can be a nerve-racking experience, especially if you are unsure of the response you shall receive. Setting the mood, with a candlelit dinner, Rosses and a romantic meal is…

28. 4. 2018 Photographer in Kyoto

A Shrine Shoot in Scenic Kyoto

Javier and his family wanted to do a photo shoot in Kyoto, complete with kimonos and cherry blossoms. But how to capture professional results while on vacation? Javier decided it would be better to pair up…

26. 4. 2018

How to Enjoy a Couples Trip in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz will provide with so many options for a relaxing and unpretentious romantic getaway. Breathtaking nature, beaches and semi-endless walks hand in hand, the Californian town has everything and more. Here is our top 6.…

25. 4. 2018 photographer in Brussels

Street Photography around Brussels

If you understand the sanctity of travel, Brussels must be one of your hotspot destinations. Queued alongside travel hotbeds like Shanghai and Dubai, it flies under the radar as monotone with nothing much to offer. However, Brussels…

24. 4. 2018 Bachelorette party photographer in Montreal

3 Reasons to Plan a Bachelorette Party in Montreal

Your friend is almost ready to step on the altar and your task is to find the perfect place where to spend her last days as a bachelorette. But it can’t just be any given city…

23. 4. 2018 Photographer in Cannes

Surprise! A Prompt Proposal in Cannes

Sam Olson-Anstett had his perfect proposal all figured out. They would have a meal at the Mantel restaurant on the French Riviera. And he’d come up with an excuse for the fancy clothes. But how to document…

19. 4. 2018

A Photographer’s Itinerary to Sedona

If you are a landscape photography and planning a trip to the United States and happen to have a visit to the incredible Grand Canyon at the top of your list, you should consider extending your route…


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