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Crete: A Picture-Perfect Family Vacation

31. 5. 2018 Vacation photographer Crete, Greece

Crete: A Picture-Perfect Family Vacation

A blend of cultures and traditions, the island of Crete is truly a magical destination. Its diversity is what defines it, and also makes Crete a great place for the entire family since there are so many…

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29. 5. 2018 Photographer in Amman

Photograph an Unforgettable Wedding Proposal on the Amalfi Coast

The thirteen towns of the Amalfi Coast comprise one of Italy’s most spectacular landscapes. High craggy cliffs plunge to meet the pristine waters of the Mediterranean, while above the brilliant azure sky mirrors the deep, tranquil blue…

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25. 5. 2018 Photographer in Budapest

A Sofitel Photo Shoot in Sultry Bangkok

Kevin and his wife were so impressed with the Sofitel Bangkok that they decided a photo shoot to commemorate their time there was on the agenda. Problem was, as visitors they didn’t know how to find a…

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23. 5. 2018 Photographer in Budapest

A Surprise Proposal Photo Shoot in Monumental Budapest

Budapest is an intriguing grandeur of classical art nouveau with a tinge of neoclassical historical moments. It’s beauty overflows with architectural masterpieces built in the golden ages whilst spectacular monuments like the shoes at the Danube…

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22. 5. 2018 Photographer in Tokyo

Cherry Blossom in Tokyo

Tokyo passes sometimes as an underdog tourist destination for travelers and explorers. It is the perfect blend for tradition and modern with sleek sci-fi like skyscrapers built on old patterns whilst accommodating a perfect twist in the…

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