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A Wonderful Surprise Proposal in Beautiful Nice

30. 7. 2018 Photographer in Nice

A Wonderful Surprise Proposal in Beautiful Nice

Nice, France, and the surrounding small towns are incredibly photogenic. With lots of coastline and historic buildings to explore Nathan decided it would be the perfect place to propose to his then girlfriend. All he needed was…

28. 7. 2018 Photographer in St. Petersburg

Taking a Romantic Holiday in Saint Petersburg

Katia decided to visit Saint Petersburg with her partner for a romantic holiday. As one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, she chose extremely well. And she decided she wanted to remember their journey for years…

26. 7. 2018 Photographer in Prague

Celebrating a 25th Anniversary with a Photo Shoot in Prague

Yuliya decided a vacation in Prague was the best way to celebrate her 25th anniversary with her partner. With its beautiful architecture and rich history, Prague is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world.…

24. 7. 2018 Photographer in Budapest

Around the World with Friends in the Beautiful City of Budapest

It is a thrilling and fulfilling experience to have a vacation with friends around the world, away from all the hustles and bustles of daily life. No city comes close to Budapest in bringing such excitement. This…

22. 7. 2018 Photographer in Montego Bay

A Cozy and Colourful Expression of Love in Montego Bay

An engagement is a moment to relish and get carried away as it epitomizes the beginning of a love journey. There are not enough superlatives to describe the spirit of Montego Bay in generating an ambiance perfect…

20. 7. 2018 Photographer in Athens

Love and Family Photo Shoot in the Beautiful Athens

Nothing in this world can be compared to moments spend with the love of your life, in a place like Athens in Greece. With a long history dating back to the Neolithic age, Athens has been…

19. 7. 2018 Photographer in Siem Reap

Photo Shoot at Magical Temple Ruins of Siem Reap

If you think you have seen it all, then you have not been to Siem Reap. It is a province of Cambodia and a gateway to Angkor region. Angkor is endowed with numerous temple ruins which are…

18. 7. 2018 Photographer in Warsaw

Photo Shoot Proposal Revelation in the City of Warsaw

The city of Warsaw, which also serves as the capital of Poland, is a place full of culture, an exciting environment, and lots of tourist attraction sites such as the Royal Castle, the Old Town, and King…


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