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Photographing a Surprise Proposal in Monaco

30. 12. 2018 Photographer in Monaco

Photographing a Surprise Proposal in Monaco

One of the best moments to be captured in life is one you spend with your loved ones. Therefore, a moment spent with your soulmate has to be one of them, especially if this one…

28. 12. 2018 Photographer in Puerto Vallarta

Maternity Photo Shoot in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

There are few things more wonderful in this world than expecting a child. A woman’s body changes so much during her pregnancy, and it can go by so quickly! Naturally, a great deal of attention is given,…

23. 12. 2018 Photographer in Livorno

A Romantic and Intimate Shooting in Livorno to Celebrate Love

The region of Tuscany is one of the most beautiful in Italy: breath-taking landscapes, landmarks and gastronomy create an unforgettable atmosphere. No wonder it is a famous destination for couples who want to celebrate their…

20. 12. 2018 proposal photographer in Houston, Texas

Sunset Romantic Proposal Shoot in Houston, Texas

It is easy to see why engagement photos are quickly gaining in popularity – they capture a couple’s love and anticipation before the “big day”. But wouldn’t it be nice to have someone capture the…

17. 12. 2018 proposal photographer in Innsbruck, Austria

Proposal Shoot in Innsbruck, Austria

Engagement photos are becoming very popular, and it is easy to see why. What a great idea to have images that show this important time in a couple’s life together before the hectic wedding planning.…

16. 12. 2018 Photographer in San Diego

A Fun San Diego Beach Photo Shoot for a Water-Loving Family

Family trips are so important, especially when kids are old enough to appreciate the sights. If your family loves a good beach, and you’re visiting the United States for the first time, San Diego, California is an…

13. 12. 2018 Photographer in Porto

Photo Shoot of a Couple’s Restorative Honeymoon in Porto

Porto is a city by the coast in Portugal famous for its ancient structures, narrow cobbled streets and of course, its beaches. It’s no surprise then that Tae and her husband chose this gorgeous city as their…

11. 12. 2018 Photographer in Abu Dhabi

Solo Travel Shoot in Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

Traveling alone can be so liberating since you only have yourself to argue with when it comes to where to eat, what to see, and where to go. For some, solo travel can mean a forest hike…


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