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7 Top Photo Spots in Amsterdam

An elegant and historic city of canals and picturesque bike paths, Amsterdam is an important international center in Europe. With numerous historic sites as well as a classy modern atmosphere, you’ll have plenty of options for photo shoots in the city. Whether you’re coming for an important event like a wedding or simply looking for a beautiful weekend escape, Amsterdam’s artistic energy will add a unique tone to your photographs.



A quaint and historic district of the city, Jordaan is known for it’s pedestrian lanes lined with small boutique shops and local markets. They’ll be plenty of spaces where you can capture the unique architecture and charming style of Amsterdam in your photo shoot in this area of the city. While it is a popular tourist destination, parts of Jordaan still maintain a quieter and more tranquil feel, making it one of the favorite sites for photographers. The northern end of the neighborhood is known as the more “touristy” area, while the southern part tends to be a bit quieter. In addition to the lovely scenery and local shops that make a great background for photographs, you’ll also find a few important museums such as the Anne Frank Museum, located in this area of the city.



To truly capture the culture of Amsterdam, the Museumplein is impossible to pass up. The most important museums of the city are located here, including the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, as well as lesser known ones like the Willet Holthuysen and the Tropenmuseum. Many of the museums are housed in historic buildings, so you can capture an iconic landmark of the city and also enjoy a museum tour during your photo session.

In the public square, there are plenty of great places for a photo shoot capturing the art and style of the city. During the summer you’ll encounter public markets and music events, and in the winter the pond is converted into a public ice skating rink. You’ll be able to include all the Netherlands essentials in your photographs, from tulips to historic architecture at this top photo site in Amsterdam.



The perfect venue for photographs capturing both the history and culture of the city, you can visit the Westergasfabriek market area. Once a gas works building for the city and an important industrial center, much of the original architecture and equipment has been preserved, while the area has been converted into a cultural hub.

When you’re a photographer in Amsterdam you won’t want to miss out on the unique charm of Westergasfabriek. There are plenty of local shops, pleasant cafés, and various live entertainment events to make your photographs special.


I amsterdam letters

Make sure you get the classic tourist photo when visiting Amsterdam. The iconic “I amsterdam” letters located behind the Rijksmuseum attract visitors from all over the world looking to take their photograph next to the giant letters. A second set of letters is located outside the Amsterdam airport to greet people as they arrive in the city. For a bit of fun, you can seek out the third set of letters which travels around the city and appears at fairs, festivals, and parks throughout the year. Turn your photo shoot into a scavenger hunt and track out this third set for a truly unique photograph of your time in Amsterdam.



No trip to Amsterdam is complete without visiting the Blemenmarkt, the only floating flower market in the world. You’ll find tulips of all colors and sizes in the flower stalls, and plenty of opportunities to get bright, radiant images of the iconic symbol of the Netherlands. Take your time to browse through the stores to find your favorite color combinations for your photo shoot. If you plan on visiting in the spring, you’ll have the added bonus of being able to take the short trip see the Bollenstreek tulip fields where all you’ll see are colorful tulips for miles around. Some flower enthusiasts travel to Amsterdam for the sole purpose of viewing the fields, and it’s a special location to shoot some truly spectacular photographs.


Canal Cruise

It’s impossible to visit Amsterdam and not take advantage of the picturesque and characteristic canals running through the city. You can choose from a variety of different canal cruises depending on what type of experience you’re looking for. To get maximum number of images possible, you can select a hop-on hop-off tour that will allow you to get off and take the time to photograph some of the best-known areas of the city. If you desire a more romantic setting, book an evening candlelight cruise when Amsterdam takes on a magical atmosphere. The cruise will give you the opportunity to get photographs from a variety of perspectives on the water.


Royal Palace

Why not add a touch of glamor to your pictures of Amsterdam? The lavishly decorated Royal Palace serves as the King’s residence when he visits Amsterdam, and it’s a popular tourist site in the city. The outside is impressive with elegant balconies and sculptures, but the interior is even more magnificent.

View the Council Chamber, known as one of the most ornate staterooms in Europe, as well as notable works of art from Rembrandt and some of his students. At the Royal Palace you’ll be able to capture the high-class style of Amsterdam in your photo shoot.