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6 Top Photo Spots in Athens

Well known for the ancient Greek ruins, art, and artifacts, Athens is a gem on the Aegean Sea. Whether you’re looking for a memorable wedding location or a scenic retreat from daily life, Athens is a great place to visit. From the fascinating ruins to a touch of unique modern style, you’ll have the chance to capture special photographs during your photo shoot in Athens.


Acropolis of Athens

Likely the best-known attraction in Athens and one of the most iconic landmarks in the world, the Acropolis with the famous Parthenon temple are a must-see destination during any trip to Athens. Your photo shoot wouldn’t be complete without shots of the famous columns and sculptures of this top photography site in Athens. Plan a visit at sunrise or sunset to capture a truly magical lighting that will distinguish your photographs. While the Parthenon is the biggest and most famous temple in the Acropolis, there are other smaller ruins, such as the Erechtheion, where you can capture some pictures of lesser known sites as well. In the nearby Acropolis Museum you can complete your trip by viewing many of the ancient artifacts that were salvaged from the ruins to learn more about this important Ancient Greek site.


Syntagma Square

The main square of Athens is located in front of the impressive Old Royal Palace, where the Greek Parliament has gathered since 1934. It is also the site of the Monument of the Unknown Soldier, an important landmark honoring the unnamed people who died fighting for their country. Guards stand vigil at this monument 24/7 and the choreography that accompanies the regular changing of the guard attracts many tourists.

The main central fountain, which was constructed under the direction of Queen Amalia, is also a scenic location to get some excellent photographs. Whether you’re looking for a bit of history to add a unique touch to your photographs or simply a way to capture the charm of Greece, Syntagma Square is a great stop to make during your photo shoot in Athens.


Olympic Stadium

Greece is famous for being the birthplace of the Olympic games, and you’ll feel victorious yourself after getting pictures of the impressive Olympic Stadium. The original stadium was constructed around 335 BC, and the one seen today is a replica created in the exact style of the one first built by the Greeks. It’s the only stadium in the world constructed of marble, giving it a unique appearance perfect for your photo shoot. While the stadium isn’t big enough for the modern Olympics, it is still used for other sporting events as well as concerts and other occasions. Make sure you get a picture while standing on the Olympic winners’ pedestal for a truly rewarding shot.


Agora and Church of the Holy Apostles

During the time of the ancient Greek civilization, Agora was the central marketplace where people gathered for commerce and administration. Today, the ruins provide a beautiful glimpse of the past, and is one of the top photo spots in Athens. You’ll be able to capture the contrast of the ancient ruins to the newer, classic Greek houses located right next to Agora in your photographs. Take some of the footpaths leading to old temples, such as the Temple of Hephaistos, which is one of the best preserved ancient Greek temples.

The one building that stands out of place is the Church of the Holy Apostles. When the site of Agora was excavated to uncover the ruins, all other buildings in this quarter of Athens were taken down, but the church was left standing, due to its location above a sacred spring. With its impressive masonry and charming design, the Church of the Holy Apostles is a good place to shoot some photographs that capture a unique aspect of the city. The inside of the church is just as impressive as the outside, where you can see frescoes painted when the church was constructed, depicting John the Baptist as well as other well-preserved religious paintings.


Panaghia Kapnikaréa Church

Dating from the 11th century, this Byzantine style church is a bit less well-known than some of the other churches and historic sites of Athens, making it a great place to capture some special photographs.

Both the interior and exterior are decorated in a Byzantine style, and the skilled masonry work makes the church a very artistic location, perfect for a special photograph. It was almost destroyed in the 19th century, but thankfully King Ludwig I of Bavaria interfered and prevented the building from being torn down.



Even larger than the Parthenon, the massive Olympieion was the temple of the god Zeus for the ancient Greeks. While much of the temple has been destroyed and decayed over time, it is easy to picture its former grandeur from the massive columns still standing. Where once over a 100 columns stood, only 15 remain, but these make an impressive background for any photograph. When you’re a photographer in Athens, you’ll want images capturing the important history of the city, and the Olympieion is a perfect location. Even though centuries have passed, the structure is still magnificent, and pictures taken here will hold a special energy.