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7 Top Photo Spots in Berlin

Once divided, Berlin has emerged from difficult struggles as a strong and vibrant city. The fascinating history preserved in the landmarks and museums make it a unique place to visit and add a cultural touch to your photographs. With so many amazing places to visit, here are some of the top spots to consider for your photo shoot.


Charlottenburg Palace

German royalty used to occupy the Charlottenburg Palace, which is now a popular tourist destination and picturesque location for photographs. The palace is enormous, and just as impressive from the inside as the outside. Don’t miss the opportunity to see things like the State Dining Room, the Crown Jewels collection, and the royal tombs. Each space in the Charlottenburg Palace offers you the opportunity to get some unique photographs that also capture important elements of German history. Surrounding the palace is a large garden, known for its extraordinary care and cultivation. These gardens were modeled after the gardens of Versailles and present a particularly elegant and scenic location for photographs. You certainly don’t want to miss this excellent location when doing a photo shoot in Berlin.



There are three prominent architectural landmarks in the Gendarmenmarkt square, each of which are excellent spots for photographs. The ornate French Cathedral is actually a museum, and the German Cathedral has displays information about the history of German Parliament. The third landmark, the Konzerhaus, is the site of orchestra performances, and is also known for its iconic statue figures outside the building. The Gendarmenmarkt is the perfect opportunity to get a variety of settings during your photo shoot in Berlin while also learning about the history and experiencing some of the amazing art of the city.


Berlin Wall Memorial

While Berlin is a bright and vibrant city today, it has had a troubled past. Where the Berlin wall used to divide the city into the East and West regions, there is now a memorial to celebrate the reunited city and recognize the struggle and suffering of so many families. Only small parts of the graffiti-covered wall remain, and these segments make one of the most powerful locations to take pictures in the city of Berlin. Not only will you be capturing an important historic landmark in your photographs, but also deeper cultural significance for the city. When visiting the wall, you can also see the Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie, which marks the famous crossing point between the East and West regions of Berlin. Several monuments are also located here, which can add a unique touch to your photo shoot.


Brandenburg Gate

The most easily recognizable landmark of Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate is a must-visit stop when you’re planning a photo shoot in the capital of Germany. It was modeled after the Porpylaea in the Acropolis of Athens, and stands 26 meters tall. It also has symbolic meaning for the city of Berlin. The Brandenburg Gate has been significant during many historic moments, and any photo with the wall in it is guaranteed to capture cultural meaning as well as the aesthetic beauty of the city.


Museum Island

The official name of Museum Island is Spree Island, though it isn’t commonly referred to by this title. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage site for the important museums and artifacts on the island, Museum Island is also a scenic and cultural destination in the city. The photography options are endless here; there is the Altes Museum which was built to house the Crown Jewels, the Old National Gallery with a variety of artwork from Impressionist paintings to Neoclassical sculptures, and the Museum of Islamic Art where you can see special displays of Middle Eastern Art. The historic setting, important sites, and beautiful scenery make Museum island one of the top photo spots in Berlin.


Grosser Tiergarten

This large, public garden space was once used as a hunting ground for wild game; while the hunting days are over, the Tiergarten has remained an important spot in the city of Berlin and is known for its lush green spaces. Take the opportunity to get some photographs using a more natural setting, with the trees, shrubs, and flowers in the gardens of this top photo location in Berlin. There are also numerous statues and monuments located around the park, which can add a unique element to your photographs. The most famous of these landmarks is the Victory Column, which stands 70 meters in height, and has a staircase leading to the top just underneath where the magnificent statue of Victoria stands. Not only is the statue a worthy element to have in your photographs, but the view from the tower is a stunning addition to your photo shoot.


Berlin Cathedral

The largest church in the city of Berlin, the Berlin Cathedral is a must-visit destination whenever traveling to the capital of Germany. This New Baroque building is 75 meters in height, and lavishly decorated inside and out. Take pictures from a distance to capture the grandeur of the cathedral in the background, and then come up close to get the detail of the statues, columns, and facades. Inside you can visit the Imperial Gallery known for the views over the city of Berlin, the Imperial Staircase with ornate statues and famous paintings, and the top of the Dome itself, which looks out over Museum Island. When you’re a photographer in Berlin it’s worth taking some time to explore the Berlin Cathedral to get the best images using this amazing landmark.