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7 Top Photo Spots in Cairo

Brimming with history, culture, and a unique exotic atmosphere, Cairo is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up close to ancient Egyptian wonders. At every turn you make you’ll find new curiosities, and it may feel a bit overwhelming at first. Here are some top photo sites in Cairo to help you plan a successful photo shoot during your vacation.



The most famous attraction of Cairo, the Pyramids are every photographer’s dream come true. This fantastic historic site is what all photographers in Cairo want to capture. Even though it is one of the most visited places in the city, you can still make your pictures unique and special; after all, it’s not every day you get to visit such a fantastic architectural achievement. Historians still aren’t entirely sure how the ancient Egyptians managed to construct such enormous and accurate structures with the technology of their time. Get your picture up close next to the pyramid walls, and also from a distance to capture their size and grandeur. You’ll probably even get to include a camel in the scene, since many people ride the animals to come see the pyramids.


Al-Azhar Mosque

One of Cairo’s numerous historic sites, the Al-Azhar Mosque was constructed in AD 972, and still stands grand and majestic today. Take your picture by the main entrance to the mosque, the Gate of Barbers, where you will also have to take off your shoes in order to visit the rest of the building. The central courtyard offers a spacious area with great lighting for photographs, and from here you can also see all five of the mosque’s intricate minarets together. The mosque is centrally located in the city, and easy to access, making it a popular tourist site and a great place to include in your photo shoot of Cairo. Here you’ll be able to capture beautiful images that also preserve the culture of the city.


The Citadel

Built in 1176, most of the Citadel of Cairo has needed to be restored, though there are some areas where the original architecture still stands. A top photo location at the Citadel is the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, which has been nicknamed the “Alabaster Mosque” because of the white stone used to construct the entire building. It is one of the most iconic features of Cairo, and one that you should definitely incorporate into your photo shoot for a unique and culturally significant image. At the Gawhara Terrace you’ll also have some of the best panoramic views of Cairo; here you’ll be able to get your photograph with the beautiful city stretching out in the background.


The Egyptian Museum

Egypt is known for it’s history, and one of the best places to learn about the ancient Egyptian civilization is at the Egyptian Museum. Here you’ll find endless artifacts, displays, and artwork that will all make your photos characteristic of Cairo. The collections are huge, and you could probably spend days here and still not have time to see everything.

For your photo shoot, one of the best exhibits to go to is the Tutankhamun Galleries, where you can see some of the most famous artifacts like the ornately decorated sarcophagus king Tutankhamun was buried in. Actual mummies are also kept at the museum, including the remains of Tuthmosis II, Ramses II, and Hatshepsut. While these are exactly pretty displays, they will certainly give you a unique Egyptian addition to your photographs.


Old Cairo District

The section of the city built by the Romans when Emperor Trajan ruled the city is referred to as Coptic Cairo, or Old Cairo. This area has the best examples of Coptic art and is one of the top photography sites in the city. One of the main attractions of the area is the Church of St. Sergius and Bacchus, where according to legend, Mary, Joseph, and Jesus found shelter during King Herod’s massacre. Another religious site is the Ben Ezra Synagogue, constructed on the banks of the river where it is said Moses was found.


Sultan Hassan Mosque

Impressive inside and out, the Sultan Hassan Mosque is a great location to include in your photo shoot of Cairo if you want to get images that capture the culture of the area. The outside is constructed of stone in the style of many ancient Egyptian temples, and the main doorway is a good place to get your photograph. The entrance is almost 26 meters high and has a very majestic appearance.

The mosque also boasts the tallest minaret of the city, at over 80 meters in height, and photographers in Cairo always try to include this important city landmark in their photographs. In addition to being a place of worship, the mosque is also a burial chamber for the former sultan, along with several other important Egyptian figures.


Al-Azhar Park

If there’s anything Cairo is lacking, it is green space. While it’s amazing to see the historic sites and ornate works of architecture, sometimes you might just need to get away from the busy city for a while. Add some peace and tranquility to your photo shoot by coming to the Al-Azhar Park, one of the few places you’ll find green grass and trees, and excellent quiet retreat at any time of the day. For an extra special photo, visit during the evening, since it is known as having one of the best views of the sunset in the city. With great panoramic views, gardens, and pleasant pathways, Al-Azhar attracts many photographers visiting Cairo.