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7 Top Photo Spots in Florence

A true gem of Italy, Florence is full of amazing art, history, and culture. As a city that attracts tourists and photographers from all over the world, you’ll have no shortage of great sites for your photo shoot. Here are some top locations in the city to give you ideas for your next photography adventure.


Piazzale Michelangelo

This is the vantage point to view the city of Florence; it’s from the Piazzale Michelangiolo that you’ll be able to capture iconic photographs of Brunelleschi’s dome and other famous landmarks. By all accounts, this is one of the top photo sites in Florence, and a must-visit stop during your photo shoot. The sweeping panoramic view of the city and all its amazing architectural features can only be fully appreciated when you visit the Piazzale Michelangiolo. If you’re ever done admiring the view, you can also walk around the gardens and pedestrian pathways. The historic church, the San Miniato al Monte, is also a short walk away if you want to spend a bit more time exploring.


Piazza Duomo

A public square with many of Florence’s top attractions, the Piazza Duomo is a mandatory stop when visiting the city. The biggest and most impressive structure is the grand cathedral with Brunelleschi’s famous dome. From the square you can photograph the outside of the church, and then for a different perspective take one of the tours to the top of the dome for an excellent view of the city. The square also has a museum, a baptistry, and many other famous works of art. What better way to capture the charm and character of Florence than to include artwork by Donatello, Michelangelo, Ghiberti, and other famous Renaissance artists? Photographers in Florence flock to the Piazza Duomo for good reason; here you’ll have some of the best views and settings the city has to offer.


Baptistry of St. JohnBasilica di San Lorenzo

Both inside and out, the artwork and ornate architecture of the Baptistry of St. John make it one of the top photo sties in Florence. Built during the 12th century, the baptistry is known for its fantastic marble façade, as well as bronze doors created by the prominent Italian sculptor Ghiberti.

Inside there are numerous elaborate mosaics as well as notable paintings and sculptures. There are endless possibilities at the Baptistry of St. John to make your photo shoot in Florence a special time to remember. Your pictures will not only capture the beautiful artwork the city is known for, but also a characteristic cultural charm and historic significance.


Piazza della Signoria

Constructed during the 14 th century, this square has remained a popular and important location in Florence since its creation. Some speculate that its origins date even farther back, since artifacts from the Roman civilization have been found under the cobbled pavement. Make sure to get pictures of the biggest landmark in the square, the Neptune Fountain, during your photo shoot. On one side of the square is the Loggia dei Lanzi, an outdoor public sculpture garden featuring sculptures from several notable artists. There is a copy of Michelangelo’s David, and the original work of Cellini, Perseus with the Head of Medusa. Take some time to appreciate the art and create art of your own by including these famous pieces in some of your own photographs. The government city building, the Palazzo Vecchio, is also located here, and the historic building will make a great background for your photographs.


Basilica di San Lorenzo

One of Florence’s largest churches, the Basilica di San Lorenzo is centrally located and a popular tourist site. It is also the burial grounds of many members of the Medici family, one of the most important family lines in Italy. Your photo shoot can benefit not only from images capturing the beautiful exterior of the church, but also the numerous works of art by Italian artists like Michelangelo and Brunelleschi inside the building.

Other places you will be able to see when you tour the Basilica are the Medicea Laurenziana Library known for its elegant architectural design, and the main body of the church with impressive high ceilings, domed archways, and majestic columns.


Santa Croce

The Santa Croce church is many things: an impressive architectural landmark, an art museum, and a tomb, just to name a few. It is also one of the top photography sites in the city of Florence, and a must-visit destination during your photo shoot. In the Cappella Bardi there are some of the most famous frescos by Giotto, and the Cappella Baroncelli is home to the fresco works of Gaddi. Here you will also find Christ Crucified by Donatello, as well as other Renaissance works that give this church a unique and special character. Santa Croce is also famous as the burial site of many important Italians, including the tombs of Machiavelli, Galileo, and Michelangelo. What better way to get images that really capture a historic and cultural element of Florence?


Ponte Vecchio

This iconic bridge is one of the most recognizable landmarks of Florence; no photo shoot of the city would be complete without images of the houses and archways of this fascinating location. The bridge was commissioned by the Medici family in to cross from one side of the Arno to the other. It is certainly a noble site, with local shops all along the length of the bridge, and one connecting hallway above them that houses many important works of art such as that of da Vini, Velásquez, and Rembrandt.