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7 Top Photo Spots in London

The dream destination of many travelers, London’s majesty and charm make it a fantastic vacation destination and one of the best photography sites in Europe. History combined with vibrant modern culture and sophistication give London a unique atmosphere that will be evident in all the pictures you take during your photo shoot.


Buckingham Palace

One of the most famous buildings in London, Buckingham Palace was constructed in 1837 and has been the residence of the Royal Family ever since. There are countless ways to photograph the palace to capture the character and cultural significance of Buckingham. Make sure you don’t miss the daily changing of the guard which takes place at 11:30 am every day of the year, and is an impressively choreographed event. For a more in-depth experience, you can attend one of the tours of the palace, where visitors can enter the building with a guide to learn more about the history of Buckingham and the Royal Family of England.


The Parliament Building and Big Ben

When people think of an iconic feature of London, Big Ben is often what comes to mind. The tower is 318 feet tall, and is the image displayed on numerous postcards and travel brochures for the city. Your photo shoot wouldn’t be complete without pictures of this impressive and historic clock tower. Right next to Big Ben are the houses of Parliament, located right on the banks of the Thames River. The building itself is an impressive architectural site, with high towers, long windows, and elegant facades. When exploring the area, you’ll be able to get many different vantage points from your photographs, using the clock, the government buildings, and the Thames River to make your pictures special.


Trafalgar Square

A top photo site in the city of London, Trafalgar Square takes its name from the Battle of Trafalgar, which was won by the British. The most iconic landmark of the Square, Nelson’s Column, is a memorial to Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, who died during the battle. Throughout history, the square has been used for celebrations, demonstrations, and protests, making it an important cultural site in London. When you’re visiting, you may be able to attend one of the multicultural festivals and events held in the square to give your pictures a unique quality. Other great spots to include in your photo shoot are the fountains and the numerous statues around the square, including the famous lions. These four lions are located at the base of Nelson’s monument, and make an impressive background for your photographs. A smaller, though no less interesting part of the square is the tiny Trafalgar Square police box, known as the smallest “police station” in the city.


The Tower of London

This World Heritage Site is a must-visit destination for any traveler coming to London. The iconic Tower is a great way to include the history and culture of the city in your photographs. You can take a tour to learn about the site in more detail, as well as view special artifacts such as the Crown Jewels. You can also discover the darker side to the Tower’s history and the many executions that took place here. Another important landmark to include in your photographs is the adjacent Tower Bridge, which is the most famous bridge crossing the Thames River. 200- foot-tall towers rise on either end of the bridge, and the impressive architecture is a site used for good reason by many photographers in London.


Hyde Park

First opened in 1635, Hyde Park has remained one of the top sites for tourists as well as a popular gathering place for city locals. Over 350 acres in size, it is the largest park space in the city, and a great way to escape the tall buildings and busy streets of downtown London. Photographers in London love the diversity and natural beauty of Hyde Park; in addition to the pleasant green spaces, there are numerous landmarks and add a great cultural quality to pictures. One such site in the Apsley house, where the Duke of Wellington used to live. The man-made lake, the Serpentine, is a popular spot for water sports and boating, and makes a great background for photographs.


Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey has a long history of being the site of coronation for many members of British royalty. It has also been the place where royal weddings are facilitated, and the church certainly has a majestic and grand atmosphere. It is also the resting ground for numerous generations of British royalty. The iconic double towers and intricate façade are practically mandatory to include in your photographs. Westminster Abby is by all accounts one of the best photo sites in London, not only for its well-recognized features, but also for the historical significance it has for the city.


The London Eye

A relatively new feature of London, the London Eye has become a well-recognized symbol of the city. Constructed in 2000 for the millennium celebration in the city, it has remained a popular tourist destination and one of the best photo sites in the city. Your photo shoot wouldn’t be complete without images of this impressive 443-foot-high observation wheel, and as long as you’re not afraid of heights you can take a ride for an excellent view of the city and the River Thames.