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7 Top Photo Spots in Los Angeles

Huge, exciting, and energetic, Los Angeles draws tourists and photographers from around the world. This dynamic city has a bit of something for everyone; whether you’re a nature enthusiast or looking for a bit of action in the spotlight, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Los Angeles. For a truly spectacular photo shoot, here are some top sites in the city to make your pictures meaningful.


Griffith Park

The enormous 4,210 acres of Griffith Park make it one of the largest state parks in California. You can escape the crowded city streets and enjoy a peaceful walk on the hiking trails, or visit one of the tourist attractions of the park. There is the Griffith Observatory, the Los Angeles Zoo, a planetarium, and numerous other attractions in the area. It would be easy to spend several days exploring it all, and there are plenty of opportunities to get amazing photographs along the way. The Griffith Observatory itself is a beautiful building and makes a great background for photographs. From the Observatory site itself, you’ll also have one of the best panoramic views of the surrounding landscape of Los Angeles.



A top tourist site in Los Angeles and a must-visit location for any photographer in the city, Hollywood draws stars and dreamers alike. One of the most iconic features of Los Angeles is the Hollywood sign on the hill, and no photo shoot of the city would be complete without at least a few classic images including the sign. Explore the Walk of Fame, with over 2,500 stars embedded in the sidewalk, each displaying the name of a famous celebrity. It can be a fun activity to find the names of your favorite stars to include them in your photo shoot. Other attractions include the Chinese Theater and Hollywood Boulevard, where you’ll find plenty of fun and entertainment and maybe even the chance to spot a celebrity yourself.


Los Angeles Farmer’s Market

During the difficult years of the Great Depression, a small Famer’s Market began in Los Angeles in 1934. With everyone struggling to make ends meet, people decided to come together collectively to buy, share, and trade what they had. Over the years, the success and reach of the market grew, until it reached the size it is today, with people selling not only produce items, but jewelry, arts, kitchenware, toys, as well as restaurants, food stands, and other small shops.

The bright lights and high energy make it and excellent photo location unique to the city, and beneath all the glamor and energy there is also a touch of historic charm. For meaningful pictures that are truly characteristic of Los Angeles, the Farmer’s Market is a great place to explore.


Universal Studios

Even if you don’t claim to be a movie fan, the Universal Studios Theme Park will have something exciting for you. Themed set fantasy world and rides include everything from The Wizarding Word of Harry Potter to The Simpsons. Not only is it fun and entertaining, but you’ll be right in the middle of a perfect photo site. You’ll practically be stepping into another world, so why not take advantage of the creativity and get some special shots for your photo shoot that capture the amazing energy of Los Angeles?


Santa Monica

There’s a bit of everything along the Santa Monica beach, meaning your photo opportunities will be practically endless. Make sure to visit the iconic Santa Monica Pier and Ferris Wheel, and if you enjoy heights take a ride to enjoy a panoramic view of the beach. If you want to go exploring, there is a 26-mile bike path, and you’ll be able to find everything from high class restaurants to quirky local artisan shops. Third Street Promenade is a particulalry good place for photographers to explore, known for its street performers and unique shops.


Venice Beach

For something fun and different, Venice Beach has the eclectic and slightly edgy vibe some photographers hope to capture. The atmosphere can be almost like a fair ground in areas, with food vendors and street performers, and off-beat artsy in others, with modern art displays or graffiti work. At the Skate Park, you’ll practically be able to watch a performance by some of the cities best skateboarders practicing their moves. It’s a great photo site if you’re looking for something classic to Las Vegas, but with a unique twist. Explore the length of the beach by walking or biking the Venice Beach Boardwalk, and enjoy the golden sand and hot California sun while you capture pictures for your photo shoot.


La Brea Tar Pits

This natural formation was creating nearly 40,000 years ago, and has today been preserved as a tourist attraction and learning area. When oil seeped through rock formations underground, it opened up tar pits that would trap animals as they moved across the area, eventually preserving their bones as fossils. Some of the fossils found here are considered the some of the best quality specimens in the world.

Why not add a quirky touch to your photo shoot by including a shot of a saber tooth tiger or mammoth? These animals that used to occupy the Los Angeles region have been preserved in amazing detail, and give visitors a unique glimpse into the past. It’s a top photo site in the city, and provide an important historic vibe to your photo shoot.