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7 Top Photo Spots in Montevideo

Capital of the small South American country of Uruguay, Montevideo’s historic charm, pleasant beaches, and laid-back atmosphere make it a great destination for a slightly alternative vacation and photo shoot. Photographers in Montevideo will find a fantastic variety of photo locations, from parks to impressive plazas. Here is a list of some of the top sites to give you ideas for your own photo shoot.


Plaza Independencia

Numerous historic buildings line the Plaza Independencia, which is arguably the most important square in the city. Most eye-catching is the Palacio Salvo, which stood as the tallest building in the country when first opened in 1928. This iconic structure is a must-include site for any photo shoot in Montevideo, both for the amazing gothic and art-deco design and the historic significance it conveys about the city. In the center of the Plaza Independencia is a memorial for José Artigas, a freedom fighter and independence hero for Uruguay. The large, majestic statue of Artigas riding into battle on his horse is a great landmark to include in your photo shoot, and you can also visit the mausoleum underneath the statue where a 24 hour guard keeps watch over the hero’s remains.


Parque Prado

The largest public park in Montevideo, Parque Prado is picturesque area with walking trails, gardens, and a gentle stream. Exploring the Japanese Rose Garden is a great way to find some excellent settings for photographs, and you’ll also learn about a variety of Rose species.

Away from the traffic and crowded city streets, you’ll find an excellent atmosphere of peace and serenity in Parque Prado that will add a stylish touch to your photo shoot.


Playa Pocitos

Montevideo’s most centrally located beach, Pocitos is a small, but relaxing area looking out over Rio de la Plata and beyond to the Atlantic Ocean. It’s an iconic place, and one every traveler should visit when touring Montevideo, especially if you’re a photographer. Right next to the sandy beach are Montevideo’s newest and classiest high-rise apartments and hotels, giving the area a modern and stylish character. Relaxing on the beach is a great way to enjoy a leisurely afternoon in Montevideo, and you’ll have the benefit of coming away with spectacular photographs capturing this memorable trip. Combine the sunshine, blue waves, and new development of the city to create your own unique images.


Ciudad Vieja

The oldest neighborhood of Montevideo was first constructed during the Spanish colonial era, and many historic buildings still stand today. Instead of tearing down these structures, city developers decided to preserve this important architecture and convert the into offices, apartments, shops, and restaurants. Simply walking through the streets of Ciudad Vieja you’ll understand why this is a top photo site in Montevideo. Intricate metalwork façades and old cobbled streets characterize the area, along with the small local shops. Ciudad Vieja goes all the way to the port and lighthouse of Montevideo, which are also excellent photo locations. Photographers in Montevideo will love the view of the Cerro, or hill, from the port, along with the fishing boats, and the popular Mercado del Puerto, known for its traditionally cooked Uruguayan food.


Parque Rodo

Not far from Playa Pocitos and the Rambla along the shoreline of Montevideo, Parque Rodo is a quiet and serene area, but centrally located and easy to reach. The numerous statues and fountains of Parque Rodo make it a top photo site in Montevideo, and from the park you can also take pictures of the coastline, palm trees, and pedestrians taking advantage of the Rambla pathway next to the water.

Sometimes during the summer, events like milongas, which are public outdoor tango gatherings, take place in Parque Rodo. What better way to capture the perfect picture of an evening in Montevideo than to the tune of romantic tango music, when the evening light casts a magic glow on the dancers and the beach in the background.


Mercado Agricola

Montevideo’s public market area, the Mercado Agricola has historic significance and has developed into a popular tourist attraction. Once a classic market where local farmers would bring their goods to sell, the market has developed into a high-end stylish shopping venue with numerous small shops selling specialty goods as well as local restaurants.

Using the Mercado Agricola for a setting in your photo shoot will give you images characteristic of Montevideo, and you’ll also be able to enjoy browsing the shops and maybe finding a memorable souvenir.


Punta del Este

Not far from Montevideo is the popular tourist resort of Punta del Este, an excellent place for photographers to go if they’re looking for some truly characteristic pictures when traveling to Uruguay. One of the most iconic landmarks, Los Dedos, is a statue of a hand coming out of the sand of Punta del Este’s popular surfing beach, and will add a singular image for your photo shoot. The tip of Punta del Este is famous for being the southernmost point in Uruguay, and you can get pictures next to the flag marking this peninsula stretching out into the ocean. Other great photo opportunities in Punta del Este include the amazing golden-sand beaches, the port of Punta del Este where you can often find sea lions lounging on the sunny docks, and the vibrant downtown area, with public squares, a combination of local and brand-name stores, and a large lighthouse near the point.