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7 Top Photo Spots in Nice

Nice has a great combination of history, beachside charm, and modern energy that make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in France. When you’re planning a photo shoot in Nice, it’s important to use all these characteristics of the city; here are some of the top sites to visit during your trip.


Nice Vieille Ville

The large Old Town section of Nice is one of the city’s most famous attractions, and a top photo site. You’ll find the popular public Marché aux Fleurs, a local flower market selling traditional flower bouquets, and making the streets an even more beautiful sight. There are several museums in the regions, including the Galerie des Ponchettes and the Musée Alexis et Gustav-Adolf Mossa; including pictures of these places during your photo shoot is a great way to capture some of the culture of Nice. Besides this, it’s nice to just wander along the narrow cobblestone streets to see the brightly colored houses, old balconies and façades, and natural charm of the city, all of which will add special elements to your photographs.


Castle Hill Park

With a high vantage point looking out over the city and picturesque waterfalls and walkways, Castle Hill Park is not only a spectacular photo location, but also a pleasant way to pass an afternoon while visiting Nice. You can view the Old Town of the city, the harbor, and other landmarks from this great location, making it one of the best photo sites in the whole city.

Spend some time walking around to see the fountains and garden spaces, which also make the park special. You also have a variety of options for how to arrive; you can walk and enjoy the city scenery, take a lift ride, or there is also a Tourist Train that runs from the Quai des États-Unis which will take you past other landmarks worthy of photographs as well.


Promenade des Anglais

Following the Baie des Anges beaches, this popular public street is one of the highlights of Nice, and a must-visit site for any traveler. It’s a favorite destination for photographer coming to Nice, thanks to the beach atmosphere, and classy charm of the area. Use the palm trees and golden sand in your photographs and take the time to sit and relax on the beach for a while yourself. Why rush when you have all the time you need to select the best areas along the Promenade for you photo shoot? Whether you’re right on the sand yourself, exploring the local shops lining the promenade, or capturing photos of the area from a distance, this is one of the best regions of Nice to explore during your photography adventure.


Monastere de Cimiez

An interesting combination of architectural styles, the site the monastery was built on dates back to ancient Roman times, and there are still remnants of some of their buildings such as a large amphitheater. Used first by Benedictine and then the Franciscan order, the monastery has also been renovated using Gothic design, giving it a truly unique appearance.

The outside gardens are one of the best places for photographs. You can walk around the pleasant pathways to enjoy the scenery and get images using different angles of the main monastery building. Photographers in Nice will love how the architecture adds character to their photographs completely unique to this Italian city.


Cathédrale Orthodoxe Russe Saint-Nicolas

Built in the same style as Orthodox churches of Moscow, the Cathédrale Orthodoxe Russe SaintNicolas was commissioned by Tsar Nicholas in 1912. It is still used as a place of worship today, though tours are now also offered so visitors can admire the fantastic architecture of the building. Not many people except to see a church so reminiscent of Moscow style in Nice, so using the cathedral during your photo shoot is a fantastic way to come away with some unique and singular photographs. Both outside and inside the church holds great photograph opportunities, and is known for its intricate woodwork and valuable artifacts.


Place Garibaldi

One of the oldest public squares in Nice, every photo shoot in the city will benefit from the historic charm and character of the Place Garibaldi. Since it’s so centrally located and close to several public transportation lines, it’s one of the easiest places to reach in the city.

It was designed by the Italian architect Antonio Spinelli, and while it is not a completely pedestrianized area, traffic is still reduced in many areas, making it easier to capture pictures without vehicles getting in the way. The square is named after its most iconic feature: a large statue of the Italian hero, Garibaldi, who used to live in the city of Nice. Getting your picture next to the statue is a great way to preserve memories of your trip to Nice.


Jardin Albert I

This popular public square is one of the most famous sites in Nice, especially during the summer when outdoor concerts and festivals are held in the open-air theater. Regardless of the time of year you visit, you’ll have the chance to get some truly spectacular pictures for your photo shoot. The large fountain and statue at the center of the square is the primary attraction. An amazing work of art, the Fontaine du Soleil depicts the Greek god of the sun, Apollo, surrounded by other figures. Every photographer in Nice wants to visit the Jardin Albert I to get pictures of this iconic site.