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7 Top Photo Spots in Prague

The key to great photots is in good light, even better mood, but most importantly, in amazing locations. That is why we have decided to offer you a couple of tips on the best photo spots in Prague, from the very best known ones to those you have probably not heard about yet.


Charles Bridge and the surrounding streets

Yup, of course the bridge had to make it to the list. Known for its breathtaking beauty and staggeringly detailed towers, the Charles Bridge is not only one of Prague’s most attractive photo spots, but also the city’s defining monument. But don’t think that you only need to take your photos directly on the bridge itself. There are dozens of great places and narrow streets around it, from where you can enjoy its looks even more. Basically, anywhere you walk from the Bridge as such, you will find lovely hidden corners as well as gorgeous views. So don’t be afraid to wander around and find your very own best view of it.


Prague Castle

A wedding or honeymoon photo shoot calls for a really, really classy location, don’t you think? Well, welcome to the Prague Castle, the largest ancient castle area in the world. Once you are in Prague, you will see it from any part of the Old Town, and you may ask yourself, what exact part of it forms the castle as such. Well, the answer is simple – all of it. The sensational baroque architecture offers countless opportunities for a romantic photo shoot. Our top tip would also be the Castle Gardens, which are usually accessible and which are home to a very unique combination of spectacular architecture and natural beauty. Oh and don’t you dare forget to take a picture on the incredible steps leading from the lower town area up to the castle. Or in front of all of those red roofs of the Old Town. Or by the cathedral. Yep, the possibilities are absolutely endless and it is only up to you what you choose.


Jelení příkop

Jelení příkop, or in English the “Deer’s Dike” was originally a part of the Castle’s defensive system. It was later turned into royal hunting grounds and later still, it got turned into a romantic park with a narrow path and unforgettable atmosphere.

What’s more, the place is still a bit of a mystery even to the locals, so you may even find it empty, which is just what you want for the perfectly relaxed photo shoot.



Petřín is a well-known park located nearby the city center. Being very hilly (well, essentially being a big hill itself), it offers stunning views of the city and combines them with an incredibly romantic atmosphere. If you are looking for a location that underlines both the beauty of Prague and your love to your partner, look no more. Petřín is your place to go.



Another of the city’s parks, Letná is even higher above the city center than Petřín and thus offers a great view of the whole of Prague’s Old Town. But that is not everything this beauty has to offer.

The park itself has become a tremendously hip spot, in that it has transformed an old and huge communist monument into the meeting place of the coolest kids of the city. So if you are interested in great photos with some local atmosphere, Letná goes a long way.


Střelecký Island

Back in the very centre of the city, the Střelecký Island is (yes, you guessed it) an island on the Vltava river. For a photo shoot, it offers incredible advantages, as it has an excellent view of the Charles Bridge, the National theatre and the river itself. But that’s not everything, as the island also has magnificent little romantic corners under its very bridge. Or you can rent out a paddle boat and get a very romantic trip on the river, whilst you r photographer takes your pictures paparazzi-style, either from the embankment, or from a second boat.


Prague Exhibition Grounds

Prague’s Art Nouveau exhibition grounds are anything but a boring business place. The grounds are a somewhat hidden gem, as far as foreigners are concerned, so it might be a great idea to organize your photo shoot right here.

The architecture is simply stunning and the location close to the city center and the Stromovka Park make it a great stop between your shooting sessions. So, long story short, if you want to get a couple of photos from the place in Prague not many people go to, the Exhibition Grounds are here for you.