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7 Top Photo Spots in Toronto

Canada in classic charm and style, Toronto is a modern and beautiful city with an underlying historic appeal. Photographers will be amazed by the combination of natural scenery, unique architecture from numerous time periods, and a vibrant energy that will make photographs come to life. To give you some ideas to plan the best photo shoot possible, here are a few of the top sites to visit in the city.


High Park

Once a property of the important Howards family of Toronto, High Park was gifted to the city to become a space for public enjoyment and recreation. Beautifully maintained, this park offers an excellent photography space that captures Toronto’s elegance and charm. With hanging gardens, ponds, swimming areas, and a train tour ride of the park, there are practically endless ways to use High Park in your photography shoot.

It’s a perfect escape from the traffic and rush of the downtown area and will give you pictures a touch of peace and serenity. If you visit Toronto during the summer, you’ll also be treated to the annual outdoor theater event, Shakespeare in the Park.


Casa Loma

The Canadian millionaire Sir Henry Pellatt constructed the Casa Loma as a modern twist to a medieval castle design. By building in proximity to Niagara Falls, Pellatt was hoping to expand on the attraction of the falls to create other money-making enterprises. This extravagant building has been converted into a museum, containing nearly 100 rooms and resting on five acres of garden space. The entire property speaks to a time of bygone splendor and classic European style that will give photographs of Toronto a magical charm. Everything about Casa Loma has a slightly mystical appeal, from the preserved decorations to the secret tunnel passage and high turrets, making it one of the city’s best photo sites.


Islands of Toronto

The small islands off the shore of Toronto are accessible by a short ferry ride across the kilometer of open water separating them. Summer visitors may be able to participate in some of the outdoor festivities held on the islands, but at any time of year Toronto’s islands offer picturesque scenes for photographers.

One of the city’s top photo sites, you’ll have an amazing perspective of the Toronto skyline, as well as picture-perfect activities like boating and sailing between the islands. From majestic boats in the marinas to beautiful coastal scenery, your photo shoot will be made a bit more special by visiting the Toronto islands.


CN Tower

Toronto’s most easily recognizable landmark, the CN Tower dominates the skyline with its near sci-fi appearance. Standing at 553 meters, the tower is impossible to miss, and no photo shoot of the city would be complete without including photographs of this spectacular work of architecture. At the time it’s construction was completed in 1976, it was the world’s tallest freestanding building, and while numerous other towers have since passed it in height, the CN Tower still marks an important point in Toronto’s history. Already impressive from the ground, visitors also have the option to ride up to one of the viewing decks or restaurants located in the building. The tallest observation deck is 447 meters off the ground, and on another observation deck named the “Edge Walk” you can get an adrenaline kick from walking hands free (attached to a harness of course) along the edge of the tower.


St. Lawrence Market

One of Toronto’s historic sites, the St. Lawrence Hall was constructed in 1850 and originally functioned as a public building where meetings, concerts, and other events were held. Though the space has needed several renovations, the original class and charm of the building has been preserved.

Attractions like the gas chandelier illuminating the interior of the building and the specialty vendors who now sell their merchandise bring visitors from all over the world and provide and excellent space for photographers to capture a unique and culturally significant aspect of Toronto.


Royal Ontario Museum

Internationally recognized for its importance in art publicity and exhibitions, the Royal Ontario Museum is a unique attraction inside and out. When you’re a photographer in Toronto, you won’t want to miss the chance to visit the museum, to include some of its wonders in your photo shoot. The Royal Ontario Museum is divided into two parts; an older and more traditional section, and a modern section with an innovative design creating the appearance of broken glass through sharp angles, numerous windows, and non-vertical walls.

Both are beautiful buildings by themselves, before even taking into account the art exhibitions from around the world contained within their walls. Your photo shoot can benefit from the interior masterpieces and exterior elegance that make the Royal Ontario Museum such an amazing photo location.


City Hall

A building of modern and innovative design, the City Hall was completed in 1965, and is comprised of two separated arc-shaped buildings. “The Archer,” a famous statue by the artist Henry Moore, is a primary attraction of Nathan Phillips Square right in front of City Hall. At any time of year, this picturesque setting of sculpture, park, pond and impressive city hall building is a must-include site for your photography shoot. If you’re looking for an additional special touch, you can visit in winter when the entire space is splendidly decorated in Christmas lights.