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7 Top Photo Spots in Venice

A top tourist destination and one of the best photography sites in Europe, Venice is a truly unique place. The canals full of gondoliers and fishing boats returning from the sea, beautiful historic buildings, and amazing art will all make your photo shoot in Venice a particularly memorable experience.


Basilica San Marco

The majestic St. Mark’s Square is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Venice and one of the best photography sites in the city. Not photo shoot of Venice is complete without shots of the impressive Basilica, large pigeon-inhabited square, and iconic statues. It originally served as the Doge’s private chapel, and is decorated in the lavish fashion of Venetian royalty with fantastic mosaics, gold embellishments, and the works of art masters like Titian. Make sure to get your photograph inside the Basilica and from the square itself, since both perspectives are a great way to capture your visit to Venice in an iconic and well-recognized way.


Grand Canal

All the traffic of Venice takes place on the water in the canal ways that serve as the city streets. The biggest Canal running through the center of the city is called the Grand Canal, and is one of the most important thoroughfares. There are only four bridges that cross the Canal, so it is more common to traverse the area on boat; it’s great place to begin a gondola tour of the city, since the Grand Canal is where most of the city’s large palaces and iconic landmarks are located. The houses themselves are also charming in their own fashion, bright and colorful, often with ornate balconies dating back from when the houses were first constructed. You can also take a larger boat, a vaporetto, which will take you back and forth more quickly from one side of the canal to the other. With so many great photography sites, you might want to spend some time here and enjoy the heart of Venice.


Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari

Built by the Franciscan order during the 14th century, the Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari is less lavish than other churches in Venice, but is also has a simple charm that other places lack. While you won’t find gold and other riches, the church is home to an impressive collection of artwork, which is a great way to capture some of the unique artistic elegance of Venice.

You’ll find pieces by artists like Donatello and Titian, as well as several tombs. Make sure to get pictures from the Monks’ Choir chamber, since it has some of the best examples of Marco Cozzi’s wood carvings which depict scenes from Venice.


Rialto Bridge

This was the first, and at one time only, bridge to cross the Grand Canal of Venice. Today, while there are other places to cross the main canal, the Rialto Bridge remains the best known, and one of the top photo sites of the city. Take the time to photograph the bridge from a variety of angles. Getting your picture on top of the bridge is a must, but you can also take a gondola ride along the Grand Canal from where you can better appreciate the architecture and design. The area around is known for its public markets and local cafés, so once you’re done with your photo shoot at the bridge, you can explore around the area for a taste of local culture.


The Doge’s Palace

The Venetian royalty are known for their high taste in elegance and design, and the best way to view this aspect of the city’s history is to take a tour of the Doge’s Palace. Ornate and lavish, it has some of the best examples of Venetian Gothic art, as well as numerous other sculptures, paintings, and artifacts a part of the royal collection. Don’t miss the painting of Paradise by Tintoretto, which is the largest oil painting in the world. For an extra special addition to your photo shoot, you can take a private tour across the Bridge of Sighs, which leads to the prison cells; it’s a great opportunity to learn about Venetian history and capture amazing photos at the same time.


Santa Maria dei Miracoli

This smaller church stands out in Venice in its own way; less ornate and lavish than other churches, it still has a beautiful and artistic charm, and is well worth a stop on your photo shoot. Photographers in Venice like the church since it is a lesser known site, and yet one that is important to the culture and history of the city.

The façade is more subtly decorated with paintings of roses and geometric designs, and this same sort of artwork can also be seen inside. Most of this delicate work was done by the architect Pietro Lombardo, and to this day it is one of the most popular sites in the city to hold wedding ceremonies.



One of the smaller islands close to Venice, Murano is most famous for its glass blowers. It’s easy to buy a vaporetto ticket to the island, where you can enjoy the day exploring the local art stores and watch people in the act of creating glass blown art. What better way to demonstrate this important cultural aspect of the city than by capturing photographs of the creation itself? You’ll be amazed by the detail and design the craftsmen are able to achieve with their instruments, and it will add a memorable and unique touch to your photo shoot.