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7 Top Photo Spots in Vienna

Regal and sophisticated and yet with a pleasant, welcoming charm, Vienna has captivated tourists from all over the world. Plan a photo shoot in this beautiful Austrian city and come away with photographs of some of Europe’s greatest attractions.


Schönbrunn Palace

A beautiful work of architecture, the Schönbrunn Palace dates back to the 18th century, and is a top photo site in the city of Vienna. Photographers come to capture images using the elegant exterior design, as well as the peaceful and lavish garden space surrounding the building. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is well worth including pictures of the Schönbrunn Palace in your photo shoot. There are some entrance fees associated with the gardens and various areas of the palace, but the price is worth it for the excellent images you’ll get out of the deal. If you want to learn more about he Schönbrunn and the history of the building and its former occupant Empress Maria Theresa, you can take one of the guided tours.


The Spanish Riding School

The Lipizzaner horses are a famous breed used in high-class performance and dressage. These magnificent white stallions have been trained at the special Spanish Riding School in Vienna since 1562. In 1735 the location was moved to where it is now, close to the Hofburg Palace. Today you can come to watch a truly spectacular display of equestrian skill. Tickets to the performances are very popular, and sell out quickly, so if you want to include this attraction in your photo shoot make sure you plan in advance. The skill, stamina, and elegance of the Lipizzaner horses is world famous, and this is a truly unique way to capture the culture, history, and style of Vienna.


Vienna Zoo

The large Vienna Zoo has been around since 1752 when Emperor Francis I began to collect animals. It’s historic setting and Baroque buildings make it a unique zoo experience, and a favorite site for photographers in the city. Since younger children also enjoy the zoo, it’s a good option if your planning a photo shoot with your family, but people of all ages can find something to enjoy here.

Today the collection of animals has grown to include over 750 species from all over the world, many of which are rare or endangered. Plan a fun afternoon to learn about wildlife native to the Vienna region and from other habitats, and as a bonus you’ll come away with beautiful pictures capturing various species some people only ever dream of seeing.


St. Stephan’s Cathedral

Originally constructed in 1722, St. Stephan’s Cathedral has undergone a number of renovations, but has remained one of the most important churches in Vienna. This is a must-visit photography location, and no photo shoot of the city would be complete without images of this magnificent cathedral. The majestic domed ceilings, stained glass windows, and impressive spires all provide excellent photography sites. Make sure you include an image of the famous Pummerin Bell, which can be seen by taking a lift ride to the North Tower, where there is also an observation deck with spectacular views of the city spread out below. Spend a bit more time and visit some of the other attractions like the treasury and catacombs to add diversity to your photographs.


The Belvedere Palace

One of the top-photography sites in Vienna, many people just limit themselves to photographs of the exterior of the building. It’s true that you should definitely include some shots of the splendid white façades and elegant fountains, but that’s only the beginning of what the Belvedere has to offer for your photo shoot. When you tour the inside of the building, you will be amazed by the Marble Hall, a vast chamber with intricate frescoes decorating the ceiling, and the tranquil Belvedere Gardens which make a great natural but sophisticated setting for photographs. There’s no end to great photo spots with so many ornate sculptures and famous works of art such as Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss


Hofburg Palace

Austrian rulers have occupied the Hofburg Palace since 1275, and you can add a touch of royal majesty to your own photo shoot by including images at this top tourist site. Photographers in Vienna love the combination of architecture styles seen here, from Baroque to Renaissance to Gothic features.

There are over 2,600 rooms in the palace, though most of what is open for visitors to see are kept in the three museums that are a part of the palace. A particularly unique place to visit when you tour the Hofburg is the Treasury, where many artifacts, regalia, and weapons from the Holy Roman Empire are kept on display.


Maria Theresien Platz

Best known for the large statue and monument dedicated to the Empress Maria Theresa, this public square is a central cultural area in Vienna, and a great spot to include in your photo shoot. Make sure to get pictures of the magnificent statue of the Empress seated on her thrown; it’s an iconic location in Vienna, and one that will make your pictures special. Overlooking the square is the Kunsthistorisches Museum, another majestic building that makes a great background for pictures. Take some time to tour the museum as well, where you can see famous paintings by masters like Caravaggio, Vermeer, and Raphael. It’s one of the best places for photographers in Vienna to capture the culture and history of the city.