5. 2. 2018

A Growing Family Photo Shoot in Da Nang

Family is everything, and sharing every special moment with them is more than important. Whilst travelling through Da Nang, Vietnam, Irene wanted a photo shoot which would showcase her travels with her husband and 17-month-old daughter. Da Nang is a coastal city known as one of Vietnam’s most important ports.

Tourism within Da Nang is vital for the success of the local economy. Da Nang is in the proximity of several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Imperial City of Hue and the Old Town of Hoi An, all of these make for an impressive landscape and an impressive vacation.

vacation photographer in Da Nang

The Beach

Nothing says family time than our clients newly formed family spending precious time together. Sat on the shoulders of her father, our clients get ready to head towards the beach. Stood in the centre of the photograph, our very talented local photographer Anh was able to make the family feel like the most important part of the photograph, because they are.

vacation photographer in Da Nang

Anh, our local photographer, was able to capture a number of special and effective photographs, which could be treasured for a lifetime. Stood in the centre of the photograph, our family stand out with the sea rolling in and with the white clouds combining in the distance. Around our family, our local photographer was able to capture the impressive palm trees the local beach has to offer and encapsulate them within the photograph. This is truly a photograph one could see framed above the fire place, or kept in a family photo album for many years to follow.

First Birthday Photoshoot Tips

The family unit is a special make up, and nothing is more precious than enjoying every waking moment with the family unit. Walking along the beach, our family hold hands and really show off just how important the family unit actually is and the love they all share.

Maternity Photographer in Da Nang

With Irene expecting their next child, our local photographer was able to add the emphasis on the new edition to the family. Like the other photographs in this collection, our local photographer was able to make the family unit the most important aspect of this photograph. With the palm trees in the distant and the colours of the sand, sea and skyline all combining, it is important for Anh to capture the family unit.

vacation photographer in Da Nang

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The Future

The future is always an important aspect to consider when it comes to the family unit, especially when it comes to new-born children. Knelt on the grass, Irene and her 17-month- old daughter kneels down to give her mother’s tummy a little kiss, kissing her sibling.

Pregnancy Photoshoot in Da Nang

vacation photographer in Da Nang

There is nothing more important than seeing the love between the family, and there is nothing more important than sharing special moments together. Our local photographer Anh, was able to make Irene and her daughter the post important aspects of the photograph, with the ability to cherish the photograph for many years to come.

Vacation Photoshoot with a baby

Kids Photographer in Da Nang

As mentioned before, love is almost one of the most important aspects of a family unit, and it can be seen throughout these sets of photographs. Our local photographer, Anh, was able to capture the impressive moment Irene, her daughter and husband spent time together knelt on the grass. Her daughter kneels in to kiss her belly and her husband goes in and kisses her head. This photograph is the essence of love and encapsulates all the special moments our family enjoy.

vacation photographer in Da Nang

It is always important to have a set of photographs which one can look back on for years to follow, and nothing is as important than having a photo shoot to get these sets of photographs. These memories can be captured by one of our local and talented photographers.

vacation photographer in Da Nang


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