22. 2. 2018

Graduation Photo Shoot Captured in London

London is one of the most historic and multicultural cities in the world, with its desire to mix modern with the old. Situated in the stunning South East of England, London is the capital and one of the major cities of the United Kingdom.

London, UK has a number of famous attractions and must-see landmarks across the fabulous city, but London also has four UNESCO world heritage sites which include; the Tower of London, Maritime Greenwich, Westminster Palace and Kew’s Royal Botanic Gardens.

London is also home to 40 higher education institutes including colleges and universities, and with this, comes a graduation ceremony. Our client, Alftoon, approached us to book a graduation photo shoot after her graduation ceremony as well as a number of photographs to go along with her Instagram account.

Why Should You Book a Graduation Photo Shoot

One of the most important part of any education is the graduation, and with any graduation, a professional set of photographs make the event that little bit more special. Dressed in her stunning graduation gown, our brilliantly talented local photographer, Agata, was able to capture the pure beauty of our client, and was able to make her not only the centre of the photograph but also the most important part of the picture. Her subtle smile stands out and this is truly a photograph to look back on for many years to follow. Our graduation photographer was able to capture this photograph in such a way, one could see it framed and kept on the fireplace or kept as a memory for many years to follow.

One of the staple images of a graduation photo shoot is the throwing of the mortarboards, and even though Alftoon is in the center of a busy public square in London, our graduation photographer was still able to capture this tradition. Our local photographer, Agata was able to, like the last photograph, make our client the absolute center of the photograph and also the most important aspect, by fading out the public in the background, the whole photograph is an important memory to not only capture but to look back on for years to follow.

Graduation Photo Shoot in London

Graduation Photo Shoot in London

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Rocking Your Instagram Feed with a Professional Photo Shoot

As part of this graduation photo shoot, our client, whilst wanting a selection of photographs to celebrate her graduation, she also wanted a range of photographs which could be posted to her Instagram account. Nothing says a special photo shoot more than having a number of photographs captured in the beautiful city of London.

With the infamous red London telephone boxes in the background and using the local knowledge of our local photographer, an impressive set of photographs were taken. Walking through Covent Garden our client, Alftoon looks natural as she begins to take in the sights and sounds of the historic market.

With the impressive sets of photographs showing off Alftoon taking in the city, there is also the importance to show off the love she has for her partner. Standing close to one another, Alftoon and her partner look deep into each other’s eyes, with their smiles shining bright.

vacation portrait photographer in London

vacation portrait photographer in London

vacation portrait photographer in London

vacation portrait photographer in London

Our local photographer was able to capture this incredible photograph and is a photograph to not only post on Instagram but to also cherish and look back on for many, many years to follow. These incredible set of photographs were taken to capture the important memory of graduating university, but also to capture an array of photographs which could be posted to social media, as well as being cherished for years to follow.

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