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Bonny is your vacation photographer in Bangkok


Portrait, Candid, Lifestyle, Fashion.


1. Food because people love food and it can make people and me happy.
2. Camera because this thing can capture the people I met into a shot and I get my job and this thing connect me to you guys as well.
3. Travel hot spot because I really enjoy the place and it make me relax I really like how I excited when I go to the new place.

Recommended places:

I know my city the most and just ask me what kind of place would you like to go.

Languages spoken:

English, Thai.

Looking for a vacation photographer in Bangkok, Thailand?

Have you ever wondered how it would be to hire your personal photographer? Bonny is a professional localgrapher and is ready to help you to capture your memories from this amazing city.

You decide whether you want candid or posed photos, or if you want Bonny to act more like a paparazzi photographer.

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