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Ales is your vacation photographer in Dubai


My architectural and construction background reflects the way I look at the photography. I want to see the beauty in composition, light and the right moment at the right place. My style is quite varied ranging from portraits, architectural, landscape, sports and travel. My biggest interest is in capturing the people in all different ways but most importantly it has to be filled fin fun.


Sports - I have gone through so many individual and team sport throughout my life that is has become natural to just simply move all day, everyday. Past 12 years rock climbing is the main sport I do and I climb and train nearly everyday. We all should move because it is so important for human body and our happiness.
Healthy lifestyle - It doesn't necessarily mean eating well, move and sleep right. This reflects on our physical health. But we should work on our mental health as well. I am trying to find a time for myself through photography, climbing, traveling and speaking to people. We have to focus on healthy relationships in order to have well balanced life.
People - While I travel myself or live in different places I really enjoy speaking to the people I don't know. People in the Middle East are somehow unique. They always want to help you, invite you for a coffee and dates and looking for you to just tell them your stories. They are so incredibly friendly, human and present.

Recommended places:

Arabian Gulf is an amazing place to explore huge contrast between superior luxury lifestyle and traditional bedouin life as it was found hundreds years ago. This contrast can be found within just few hours by car. It all depends what would you like to see, but there are great places to camp, hike, swim, 4x4 drive in the desert and mountains or luxury shopping in the down town.

Languages spoken:

I speak English, Czech and Slovak.


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