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Tyler is your vacation photographer in Los Angeles

(also available in Long Beach, California, Malibu)


The best thing about my style of photography is that I can create any mood/vibe. I love making candid shots look professional, all about capturing whats in that exact moment.


I love meeting new people from around the world and being able to create with them, vibe with them, and tell their mood and/or story through photography.

Recommended places:

Most beaches in Malibu are amazing around sunset especially the ones with huge rocks. I always love to take advantage of the overlooks on Mulholland Drive. Venice beach is amazing if you catch it early in the morning before anyone gets there and the sun is at the perfect spot in the sky.

Languages spoken:


Looking for a vacation photographer in Los Angeles?

Have you ever wondered how it would be to hire your personal photographer? Tyler is a professional localgrapher and is ready to help you to capture your memories from this amazing city.

You decide whether you want candid or posed photos, or if you want Tyler to act more like a paparazzi photographer.

Book Tyler, vacation photographer in Los Angeles, now.