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Alain is your vacation photographer in Paris


My signature photography is more likely soft pastel dreamy and romantic theme with clean and classic images, also in black and white, which will never go out of style. I have a special ability to capture emotional and physical connection between the subjects - whether it's the natural candid images or the posing scene, and off course the most important thing is to make my clients feel comfortable and be themselves in the front of the lens.


Traveling - My passion. New places and new people can be really reviving personally and also eye opening to see how other people live. To see how life functions, whether human or natural life, in other places is really interesting.
Gastronomy - I love to discover the relation between Food and Culture, I really appreciate the art of preparing and serving rich or delicate food, also the cooking styles of particular regions
Videography - I love movies and I also love immortalize the moment and my travel experience in cinematic way.

Recommended places:

- Parisien Bridges : Bir Hakeim Bridge (The best place in Paris and it's mix between the typical ancien Parisian architecture and Revolution Industry architectural) and also Alexandre III Bridge (one of the most beautiful bridge in Paris)
- Trocadero (Best view of the Eiffel Tower)
- Louvre
- Notredame de Paris

Languages spoken:

English, French, Indonesian (Bahasa).

Latest work

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