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Chelsea is your vacation photographer in Prague


Documentary, focusing on strong color and composition.


An avid traveller, I have visited over 40 countries and love immersing myself in cultures other than my own. My three true loves in life are photography, travel, and sharing my love of photography and travel.

Recommended places:

Between the cobbled streets and canals of Kampa, the spanning views of Vyšehrad, and the iconic sites of Malá Strana, Prague has all the sites which truly scream 'Europe!' Then there's of course some more off the path spots such as Stromovka and Letná parks, and all the Vltava islands, and even boating opportunities on the river itself! There's so much diversity in Prague, that we certainly would not be wanting of inspiration.

Languages spoken:

I am a native English speaker (with a charming NY accent), speak German on a conversational level, and beginner Spanish and French - which you can feel free to mock.


LOVE the photos! They turned out great!

Meredith F.

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