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Honza is your vacation photographer in Prague


During my photo sessions I always trying to make those I shoot feel as comfortable as possible. To get to know something about them and become a friend with them. After that I can achieve photos with natural mood and happy people.


Number "1" is travelling. There is nothing better to invest money in than exploring the World. Number "2" is sport. I love to do sports like swimming, cycling, mountain hiking, volleyball. And also to watch sports, there are always so much emotions. Number "3" is architecture. I studied architecture and nowadays I work work as an architect. And photography goes through all the my likes and connects everything together.

Recommended places:

Prague is magnificent city. There are wonderful places in the historical part, there are nice parks around whole city and many hills with great view. The most I like Náplavka, Letná park and Old Town.

Languages spoken:

I speak English.

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