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Kan is your vacation photographer in Tokyo

(also available in Yokohama)


Journalistic documentary, street/ environmental portrait.


Strangers: I love communicating and photographing unknown people. It's a great way to make more friends and keep up myself motived to shoot.
Travel: life would be so empty without seeing what's out there. I am always inspired to explore new places, cultures and learn about them.
Friends: I enjoy a variety of drinks, socializing and spending an evening with a good company and story to share.

Recommended places:

1. Kyu Shiba Rikyo Garden in Hamamatsucho. One of the most beautiful Japanese gardens in Tokyo. Lesser known by tourists, it is also compact and offers variety of scenes.
2. Backstreets of Asakusa. Although this is the most well-known tourist spot, the backstreets are often skipped since not many know about. The vibe of local street restaurants and environment of old Tokyo would make a perfect photo any day.
3. Tokyo University (day time only). Open to public. It has a very nice line of tree, fantastic for autumn and spring photo shoot.
4. Shinjuku, the mix of modern and old Tokyo. Great for both day and night shoot with neon signs, yakitori street as well as a massive Shinjuku Gyoen Park nearby.

Languages spoken:

I speak Thai, English, Japanese, conversational Korean and basic Spanish.


Localgrapher offers professional yet lively photo taking for me and my girlfriend in Shinjuku, Tokyo, during our pre-wedding vacation. Our photographer did some candid shooting with suggestions of where the best locations were for good traveling experience as well, which was the best way to tell our story to others and ourselves. It was a memorable experience far more meaningful than just taking boring selfies. Thanks to Localgrapher for creating moments that will last for generations!

Vince Y.

Looking for a vacation photographer in Tokyo, Japan?

Have you ever wondered how it would be to hire your personal photographer? Kan is a professional localgrapher and is ready to help you to capture your memories from Japan.

You decide whether you want candid or posed photos, or if you want Kan to act more like a paparazzi photographer.

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