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Claudio is your vacation videographer in Venice

(also available in Lake Garda, Padua, Verona, Vicenza)


My goal is to capture the essence of your day; to tell the emotion, love, details, of your event through colors, highlights and shadows. Point to a natural shooting style, well-kept in the composition. Always trying to work with natural/ environment light and not annoying you with blinding headlights. I love to capture smiles and spontaneous gestures, grasp the little details and the most suggestive atmosphere. I always work with extreme ease and discretion because I like to think that throughout the day you can forget my presence. You need to do nothing, just enjoy your day!


I love to travel and trekking in the mountains. I love painting and also listening to music and sometimes composing it for movies.

Recommended places:

I like many places in Veneto (Italy), especially for weddings in the countryside like some amazing ancient Renaissance Villas like villa Frassanelle or villa Ca Marcello near Padova. I love many place on Garda Lake like Malcesine Castle or Isola del Garda, Venice is amazing everywhere, full of stunning churches and palaces like Ca Sagredo for example but I have very special spot near San Giorgio or Rialto Bridge. Venezia lido is also beautiful place for engagement on the beach. Verona and Vicenza are also stunning art cities with tons of beautiful location like Arena and also very exclusive villas and castles in the countryside like Valeggio sul Mincio and many others. Last but not least, Veneto region have amazing beautiful mountains called "Dolomities". You don't need to worry - I will help you find the best possible possible spot for you video shooting.

Languages spoken:

I speak Italian and English.

On the lookout for a professional videographer in Venice, Italy?

In the era of selfie-sticks, smart phones and action cams, it is no longer the technology that makes the difference. It is the experience of the person behind the video camera that determines the quality. Claudio is a skilled videographer, who will not only help you and shoot the moments that really matter, but can also make you feel much more relaxed and be the real you even in front of the camera lens.

Do you want your videographer standing right next to you in order to get a close-up recording of your event? Or would you maybe like to have a more overall impression of the day to give your memories the all important background feeling? Whichever style of videography you choose, our professionals will be ready to help you and make your memories a tiny bit more special.

Claudio is also available for video services in Padua, Verona, Vicenza and Garda Lake. Book now and get a video to be proud of.