The only photography niche that does not have a strict definition when it comes to capturing new or old trends is “Fashion Photography”. The domain is free from any creative restrictions. You shoot whatever seems interesting to you and however, you want to shoot it, as long as it depicts your style and narrates your story. You can’t deny the importance of makeup, clothes, and accessories when it comes to telling a story through your photography, but eventually, your fashion photo shoot poses gives a glimpse of your imagination and unique perspective.

Fashion photography, without a doubt, translates your story visually. It portrays how you see and apply your exclusivity to your creative style or to any idea. Every fashion photographer has his/her favorite subject matter and lighting scenario that set him/her apart from other photographers in the field. Another thing makes this photography genre even more exciting is diversity. That means to have your fashion photoshoot, you do not need to be a model or a part of the entertainment industry.

The horizon of fashion photography is broadening now. Whether it is your pre-wedding photoshoot that you want to make fashion-forward or you are traveling to Bangkok on a vacation trip, you can incorporate fashion photography ideas with creative experiments. In addition, the fashion photographers of Localgrapher can help you with that. They have tons of experience in fashion photography and can turn your simple vacation photoshoot into something extraordinarily amazing.

Want to add that wow factor to your travel pictures? Keep on reading to unfold the secrets of having a fashion photoshoot on your vacations.


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What is Fashion Photography?

Before we delve into the definitions and attributes of fashion photography, it is important to understand that it is just the sub-type or genre of photography. Like all other photography domains, it does have its specific elements that make it stand out. However, it is the only the photography field that does not have limitations when it comes to narrating a story or a theme.

Precisely, fashion photography helps you display fashion items that include clothing, shoes, and accessories. Fashion photography is mainly for fashion magazines and advertisements. However, as mentioned earlier, the photography genre does not confine its limits. This genre forged a unique aesthetic that allows fashion photographers to play with their creativity and experiment with fashion photoshoot props and ideas.

That is to say, they enhance fashion trends and clothes by shooting on exotic locations or incorporating interesting accessories. With its glamorous lifestyle, broad creativity horizon, high-pay checks, and a huge audience, fashion photography has become one of the most sought-after fields. Many of our Localgraphers made it through the top-notch international magazines. Not only this, they found their niche in fashion advertising and celebrity portraiture.

That means hiring them for a creative fashion photoshoot is totally worth it.

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What to Wear for a Fashion Photoshoot on Your Vacation?

Tickets, clothes, shoes, make up, so you are all ready for your most exciting trip or vacation you have been waiting for so long. You intend to have a fashion photoshoot on your vacation so you are looking forward to making the trip a worth watch for your Instagram followers. However, wait! Have you decided on the theme? If your answer is no, then deciding what to wear on your fashion photoshoot on vacation might get stressful. If you are traveling in summers, you probably would like to have a beach photoshoot to capture the perfect summer vibes.

Do not worry if you are yet to make a decision. Take a look at these ideas to turn you real way photoshoot into runway photoshoot.

Flowy Dresses

Regardless of the season that you are travelling in, do not forget to pack your flowy dresses if you want to make your fashion photoshoot dramatically interesting. Flowing with the wind, they always look magical. Try some flowy dresses made of silk as they do not only look classy but also easy to wear and light to pack. Your fashion photographer can create elegant and impressive photos with your wind blowing dress. No doubt, it adds movement and energy to your vacation images.

Neutral and Light Colors

Images that create soft impression are timeless. That is what light and neutral color outfits a must-add to your fashion photoshoot on the vacation. Wear beige, gray, and cream or off -white tops with jeans to keep your photoshoot low-beat. If you are on a family vacation, wearing the same light color tops paired with blue or black trousers together is one of the creative fashion photoshoot ideas.

Choose Three Colors

You might have not tried this idea before, but it is one of the interesting clothing ideas pro fashion photographers love to include. The idea works great when you have a large group. Choose three colors and make a unique color scheme. You may try navy, coral, and mint for the best results. Make everyone wear one piece of cloth with the colors you chose and click fashionable photos. The coordinated match will give your pictures a flawless flow.

Keep Some Provocative Urban Clothes

Since it’s going to be your fashion photoshoot, your vacation wardrobe must have some variety of modern urban clothes. Keep some vibrant t-shirts, off-shoulder tops to pair them with simple jeans. If you are a fitness enthusiast, take your activewear along to capture some fun photos. Add some radical pieces, winter woolies, gorgeous trousers and shorts to pull off the unique looks for your fashion photoshoots on vacations.

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How to Find a Photographer for Your Fashion Blog?

Whether you love writing about the newest fashion trends or you are studying fashion, finding a photographer who can help you cover your fashion blog is overwhelming. It may get even more stressful if are on a limited budget. It is because fashion photographers relatively have high charges as they are more creative and experimental when it comes to capturing unique, fun, out-of the box fashionable photos.

The easiest way to find the fashion photographer you want is Localgrapher’s website. As mentioned earlier, we have a team professional fashion photographers who specialize in this genre and can help you get the pictures that will take your fashion blog to the next level. No matter what your vacation destination is, finding the fashion photographer through our website takes just a few minutes.

Fill an online form and let the website automatically connects you with the qualified fashion photographer to help you create an exciting fashion blog.

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How Much Does a Fashion Photographer Cost?

According to the recent survey on fashion photography pricing, the average cost of hourly photoshoot is $400. The price range largely depends on the experience of fashion photographer, length of shoot and location. For example, if you are in Birmingham on vacation and want to book a fashion photographer, you likely to pay 17% below than what you will have to pay if you are vacationing in the US.

Fashion photographers at Localgrapher are not only pro to give you amazing fashion photography tips but also are comparatively inexpensive to hire. The four different photograph packages make choosing and booking a fashion photographer a breeze.

If you are a solo traveler and want to capture your fashionable photos anywhere, opt for a Bronze Package. In just $250, you can high-quality photos with two years back up.

Traveling with your partner? No worries choose Silver Package and enjoy 35 edited hi-resolution pictures in just $350.

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8 Reasons Why You Should Go for Fashion Photoshoot while You Travel

Traveling to your life-long dream destination and not sure why you should go for a fashion photoshoot on vacation? Here we have enumerated a few reasons to convince you.

Reason #1

A Fashion Photoshoot Magnifies Your Beauty

Not everyone is blessed enough to have a photogenic features. If you think you are one of them, a fashion photoshoot is might be the idea that will work you. Fashion photographers can completely change your looks and features with their professional gear. Using natural lights and advanced photography techniques, they magnify your beauty to make your charming smile more prominent.

Fashion Photoshoot

Reason #2

A Fashion Photoshoot Highlights Your Vacation Destination

What can be better than a fashion photoshoot if you really want to highlight your vacation destination? Of course, your vacation trip is not just about you wandering place to place. You want to people to experience the beauty of the places you have visited and a thorough fashion photoshoot is the best way to highlight the amazing details of the places.

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Reason #3

A Fashion Photoshoot Captures Story

A fashion photographer does not only capture glamorous clothes and accessories but the real-life story. A fashion photoshoot will allow you to share your story with the world through creative fashion photoshoot poses.

Fashion Photoshoot

Reason #4

Makes Your Tour Fun

Who doesn’t get excited with the idea of a fashion photoshoot? Let’s admit it; we all want to look ethereal just like model running the ram. Having a fashion photoshoot is no doubt a great way to make your travel fun and exciting. You put on all your fashionable outfits to complement the location and weather of your dream destinations.

Fashion Photoshoot

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Reason #5

Makes Your Travel Immortal

The idea of having a fashion photoshoot while you travel is unique as it makes your trip immortal. You immortalize your smile, your laughter, and your happiness through beautiful fashion photoshoot poses.

Fashion Photoshoot

Reason #6

Documents Your Travel Journey

There is no denying that a planned fashion photoshoot is one of the best ideas to document your journey. It doesn’t only capture your fashion taste but also your mood and emotions during your travel journey.

Fashion Photoshoot

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Reason #7

Relieves Your Stress

This might sound a bizarre reason to go for a fashion shoot while you travel but it can work of you’re tired of touring all day. Wearing your favorite clothes and trying innovative fashion photoshoot ideas with your Localgrapher can be a great stress reliever technique.

Fashion Photoshoot

Reason #8

A Raging Trend

Because fashion photography inspires imagination, it has become one of the raging trends in the fashion world. Many people, especially celebrities, hire fashion photographers to take stylish photos during their vacation trip.

Fashion Photoshoot

Overall, fashion photography although one of the oldest photography genres, it has a great capacity of experimentation as well as exploration. Hiring a fashion photographer while you travel is the best way to make your trip memorable.

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