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Whenever you’re taking part at a conference abroad, arranging a golf tournament with important clients, need top notch photos of your new product while capturing the essence of your surroundings or simply having a good time anywhere in the world, we got you here.

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We have years of professional experience in capturing the best moments of any event you will want to share with not just your team but everyone else! To understand your needs and select an ideal Localgrapher, we prepared the form below where you can request a customized photo or video shoot!

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Once you’ll send the form out, it will go straight to our Head of Booking. She will get back to you with a quote, clarify all additional details and book your perfect Localgrapher.

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Here comes your photo or video shoot with a local professional!

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  • We have been working with Localgrapher for our last company photo shoot (individual portrait and team pictures) and it has been a success: friendly and effective team; professional and attentive local photographer; good results with pictures. We will definitely work with Localgrapher again.

    Camille Pousseur, Stratos
  • The shooting day was pleasant and we were very happy with photos as well! 

    Matilda Etula, Piruetti

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