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The Story

Localgrapher was founded in 2015 by our CEO Matej, who decided to help travelers get the vacation photographs they desire. Himself a photographer, he realized that meeting a local photographer can not only improve the quality of your photos, but also the vacation as a whole. The whole concept is based on friendly professionals, who aim to make any occasion special and memorable. Whether just a quick weekend away, or a special day like a proposal or wedding, a good photographer can move it to that proverbial next level.

After three years in the industry, the Localgrapher team has seen many clients come back and book more sessions all over the world. We know that it is the photos that really count and we are extremely happy to see them all over the Internet.

Meet The Core Team

Matej Slezak, founder of Localgrapher

Matej Slezak

Our CEO and founder, himself one of our photographers, came up with the idea when he got approached by a group of foreign travelers who wanted to book him for a photo session in Prague, Czech Republic. At that time a practising lawyer, he decided to leave his desk job and dedicate himself fully to a new project that would enable travelers to get professional photographs at an affordable price not only in Prague, where he lives, but all over the world.

Tomas Dekan

Tomas is probably one of the reasons you found us. He is a devoted marketing enthusiast and has to know everything about the newest technologies and gadgets. Constantly coming up with new strategies, Tomas is the SEO and Facebook campaign guru, who always aims to create fully tailored solutions for all of Localgrapher’s customers. Apart from marketing, he is also in charge of service design and technical solutions.

Tomas Dekan
Katka Martincova

Katerina Martincova

Katerina is the head of customer support and bookings. She is the friendly voice that will help you through your booking, from your first question right to that smile on your face when you receive your professional photographs. When helping customers, she enjoys listening to reggae and R&B. She is a huge fan of good coffee and local cuisine from all over the world. Her next travel plans will definitely take her to South America, where she wants to (you guessed it) taste all the food and coffee she can get.

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