19. 11. 2018

Honeymoon Gift Ideas for Her

Ah, the perfect honeymoon. Be it a vacation in some sultry tropical location, an all expenses paid trip to a bustling metropolis, or a staycation at a family ranch, the honeymoon is a time-honored tradition that…

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17. 11. 2018 Photographer in Iceland

Wonderful Family Photo Shoot in Iceland

Myra and her family were traveling to Iceland. They are avid travelers, and the northern island was one of their dream destinations. Myra wanted to capture some terrific family photos, but also Iceland’s majestic charm and magnificent…

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15. 11. 2018 Photographer in Budapest

A Special Gift for Your Wife

To celebrate a relationship as important and meaningful as the one you have with your wife, you’ll want to select a gift that holds true value. In a society where material objects are prolific, and you can…

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13. 11. 2018 Photographer in Los Angeles

Maternity Photo Shoot in Los Angeles, California

Lagra is expecting a child; she wanted to have some photos taken of her “bump” to mark this very special occasion. So much attention is given, joyfully of course, to the wonderful bundle when he or she…

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11. 11. 2018 Photographer in Amalfi coast

Dearly Beloved, the Perfect Gift for You

Deciding what to get that special someone in your life for a present can be a daunting and overwhelming task. You want something that is meaningful, but not over done. Something that conveys how important…

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