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29. 4. 2019 engagement photo shoot

Engagement Photo Shoot Ideas You Will Simply Love

People get engaged every day, but that doesn’t make it an ordinary event. The day of your engagement should be one of the best and most memorable times of your life and a day that…

19. 4. 2019 newborn photography

The Best Tips on How to do Newborn Photography

Newborn photography can be a bit difficult; after all, it’s not really feasible to ask a baby to smile for the camera. However, this young innocence is what makes the pictures so important; since a…

16. 4. 2019 vacation photographer

10 Reasons to Book a Vacation Photographer Right Now

Maybe you travel every year as a family; perhaps you’re planning a special anniversary trip; maybe it’s a spur of the moment decision to travel for leisure. Whatever the reason, travel is always a special…

10. 4. 2019 mothers day photo shoot

15 Tips on How to Celebrate Mother’s Day

When is Mother's Day? A common question for sons, daughters, and husbands. This year Mother's day falls on the 12th of May. The real question is how to celebrate these wonderful women? How can we…

06. 4. 2019

15 Reasons Why You Need a Photo Session with a Professional Photographer

A professional photo session can sound exciting or even daunting to people, especially if they’ve never done one before. Isn’t a photo session just for famous people? Doesn’t there need to be a special occasion?…

18. 3. 2019 10 of the World’s Most Picturesque Flower Festivals and Events

10 of the World’s Most Picturesque Flower Festivals and Events

Extravagant Flower festivals and events occur worldwide all year round. These eye-catching events are the perfect setting for capturing mesmerizing photography. Explore 10 of the worlds most picturesque flower festivals and events from the Sakura…

06. 2. 2019 Photographer in Capri

Find Out Why You Will Love a Babymoon Photo Session

In the age of social media and high-speed sharing, everyone has already seen pictures of the tiniest of toddlers. And they are simply adorable. The way they smile and sleep in the photos is just…

05. 2. 2019 Photographer in Budapest

How To Organize a Photo Shoot With Your Friends (and not get insane in the process)

Your friends are the most valuable thing you have. Does that sound like a cliché? Well, think about it. Are you really spending as much time with them as you would like? Do you really…


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