Relive the Best Moments Page by Page with Your Personalized Photo Book

Watching your photos on a computer screen can sometimes feel a bit distant. Especially when you want to share your stories with your loved ones at a dinner table, or to relive them with a nice glass of wine. That’s when it’s time to reach out for your very own Localgrapher photo book.

We know that your memories deserve more than just another book, though. That’s why we decided to capture your quality time in a large, extraordinarily well-built album with hardened pages and professional photographic layout.


  • Handmade
  • Leather-look Cover
  • No Manufacturer Logo

A High-Quality Photobook just about You, Your Loved Ones & Your Memories!

Photo book specifications

  • Soft-touch padded hardback cover in metallic gold
  • High quality lay flat binding
  • 20 extra hard page containing full two-page photos as well as collages
  • Grey gift box
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Format: 28x28cm (11×11 in)

Order Your Photo Book

25 Photos
350 USD
35 Photos
500 USD
50 Photos
600 USD
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