Royal Library

The Royal Library, also known as the Black Diamond (Den Sorte Diamant), is a favorite photo spot in Copenhagen for several reasons:

1.) Architectural Marvel: The Royal Library is an architectural masterpiece designed by Danish architect Schmidt Hammer Lassen. The modern and sleek design of the Black Diamond, with its black granite facade and angular glass windows, provides a striking and contemporary backdrop for photography. The unique combination of traditional and modern elements makes it visually captivating and appealing in your images.

2.) Waterfront Location: The library is situated on the waterfront of Copenhagen’s harbor, providing a scenic setting for photography. The combination of the building’s architecture, the water, and the surrounding landscape creates a visually pleasing composition. The reflections on the water’s surface can add an extra dimension to your photographs, creating a dynamic and captivating visual effect.

3.) Historical Significance: The Royal Library is Denmark’s national library and holds a significant collection of books and cultural artifacts. Its historical importance and cultural significance make it an attractive location for capturing images that reflect the country’s intellectual heritage. Photographers can showcase the library’s grandeur and the importance of knowledge and literature through these images.

4.) Interior Elegance: The interior of the Royal Library is equally impressive, featuring vast halls, spiral staircases, and a stunning atrium. The library’s design, with its open spaces, natural light, and minimalist aesthetic, offers photographers the opportunity to capture architectural details, leading lines, and compositions that highlight the interplay of light and shadows.

5.) Central Location and Accessibility: The Royal Library is centrally located in Copenhagen, making it easily accessible to visitors and photographers. Its proximity to other landmarks, such as the Royal Danish Playhouse and the Amalienborg Palace, allows for exploration and the possibility of capturing multiple iconic locations within a short distance.

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