May 3rd, 2018

A Few Travelling Tips if You Are Planning to Vacation in Brno, Czechia

If you are planning a trip to the Czech Republic, then you need to take along our more than qualified
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Brno is the 2nd largest city in the Czech Republic, in terms of its population and area. It is a great holiday destination, because of its modernistic buildings, such as the Villa Tugendhat, which was completed in 1930, by Mies van der Rohe, the medieval Castle Houses of Spilberk, which houses a prison, a garden, and a city museum.

Others include; the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral, which has baroque altars and a statue from the 14th
century of Madonna and child, with views from its steeple, zoology gardens with horseback riding, the
17th century palace, a science museum with interactive exhibitions, a museum of art from the 1300’s,
etc. All these and more are at your disposal when you visit Brno for a vacation.

You should also note that this is an all year round holiday destination, with great weather for different
activities, such as a guitar festival and a Brno music festival which consist of international and local stars. There are also many 5-star hotels, with a lot of local cuisines for you to sample, and experience the
culture of the Czechs.

A few tips you need to keep in mind are;

1. Beer

The Czechs are famous for their beer and are known to be heavy beer drinkers, so bear in mind that
there will be a lot of alcohol making the rounds with all meals.

To sample their Pilsner Urquell which is their original beer, visit the town of Pilsen, which is their source, but if the Staropramen and Budweiser Budvar are your favorites, do not worry, as they are found everywhere in Brno. They are the favorites for most locals and tourists.

The Czech beer is a great accompaniment to the local cuisine and is often featured with heavy dishes
such as the pork or duck.

2. Tipping Etiquette

Tipping is not a must in the Czech Republic, as it is common in most parts of the world. You should,
however, note that, the waiting staff are paid poorly and hence, it’s recommended to leave a 10% tip
with your bill while eating at a restaurant if the service was satisfactory to you.

You should also give the tip directly to the waiter, and do not leave it at the table, as he may not get it.
Rounding off your money as you pay is also encouraged.

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3. Showing respect

As a tourist, you must always show respect while on vacation in a foreign country. A few things you can
do to keep the Czechs happy are:

  •  Never refer to the Czech Republic as part of Eastern Europe, as the Czechs view themselves as
    being in the central part of Europe.
  • Be careful while discussing their communist past, as this is still a sore subject to them. You
    should also note that whilst the country was part of the Soviet Bloc, it was however not in the
    Soviet Union.
  •  Saying hello (“Dobry den”) and saying bye (“Na shledanou”) are extremely important.

4. Exchanging money

Please do not under any circumstances change your money on the streets. If a random person comes up
to you and offers to exchange your money for Czech money, do not accept.

This is very serious, simply walk away.

This is because it is a trick. Your money will be exchanged for a weaker and useless currency within the
Czech Republic. Simply do your money exchange at the bank to be safe.

We re-iterate again, DO NOT exchange money on the streets.

5. What to eat

The cuisine in the Czech Republic tends to be extremely fatty and hearty. It comprises of a three-course
meal, lunch, hot soup, meat, and of course something sweet. This is what the locals consume.

There are also many street foods, such as hot dogs, which are consumed on the go, and are served with
a big baguette with many condiments and extras to top up.

They are not big on vegetables and many meals will have no vegetables at all.

6. How to be safe

If you are in a big public place, beware of pickpocketers. It is not an unsafe country, but there are a few
unscrupulous fellows, that target tourists.

Taxis drivers have also been known to overcharge tourists, so, ensure to negotiate.

The tap water is safe to drink, but please note that the chlorine may be too strong in some parts of the

Over the counter, drugs are also not sold in the grocery stores and you may need to visit a pharmacy.

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