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My style of photography that focuses on capturing intimate and romantic moments between couples. Working with a couple to create images that are visually appealing, emotionally evocative, and convey the unique connection between the two individuals.

Capturing artistic images and shots videos that capture the love, passion, and intimacy between the couple. My style of photography and videography often includes posed shots as well as candid moments, with a focus on capturing the couple’s natural chemistry and interactions.

Overall, couple art photography is a beautiful and expressive way to capture the special moments and emotions shared between two people in love.


1 Natural light: I prefer to use natural light rather than artificial light sources. Natural light can create a soft, flattering look and can help to enhance the natural beauty of the couple.

2 Outdoor locations: I prefer to shoot in outdoor locations, such as parks, beaches, or scenic spots. Outdoor locations can provide a beautiful and natural backdrop for the couple and help me to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere.

3 Candid moments: While posed shots are important in couple photography, i also enjoy capturing candid moments between the couple. These moments can be spontaneous and unplanned, and help me to showcase the genuine emotions and connection between the couple.

Recommended places:

Marrakech, is a beautiful city with many stunning locations that would be perfect for shooting couples. Here are some of the my best locations in Marrakech for shooting couples:

Bahia Palace: This palace is a popular tourist attraction, but it also offers many beautiful spots for photoshoots, such as the colorful gardens, the grand courtyard, and the ornate rooms.

Jardin Majorelle: These botanical gardens are a popular spot for photographers, thanks to their beautiful plants, fountains, and blue buildings. They offer a tranquil and romantic backdrop for couple photoshoots.

Medina: The narrow streets and alleyways of the Medina offer many opportunities for unique and atmospheric photos. The vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and bustling energy of the Medina can make for some memorable couple shots.

La Mamounia Hotel: This luxurious hotel offers many beautiful spots for photos, such as the lush gardens, grand courtyards, and elegant interiors. The hotel’s classic Moroccan architecture and design make it a perfect location for romantic couple shots.

Agafay Desert: Just outside Marrakech, the Agafay Desert offers a dramatic and otherworldly backdrop for photoshoots. The sandy terrain, rugged mountains, and golden light of the desert can create some truly stunning images of couples in love.

Languages spoken:

Francais, Anglais, Arabe

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