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Answering the Best Question Ever, in Glamorous Washington

09. 5. 2018

John will forever have wonderful memories regarding his second proposal to the love of his life at Bible Museum, Washington DC. Our vacation photographer was behind the lens capturing each moment. His wife had traveled to visit, and he decided that this terrific moment would not go without a tale. It meant a lot to John, and so he was determined to get a good cameraperson. Luckily, for him, he met our proposal photographer Maria in Washington DC.

Getting a photographer with the true artistry of the camera while bringing out each shot in a captivating manner will always go a long way. The “WOW factor is brought out especially when with the person who makes your world complete.

Photographer in Washington DC

Memories Behind the Lens

Washington is a busy place hence taking professional photos can be a daunting task. However, Maria would not let the endless activities interfere with her photo shoot session. She was determined to give John and his wife the moment of their life. Many couples would want to have their proposals captured especially if one is set out to join the army. In his engaging duties, John would be able to look back and smile at the few hours he was with his wife.

Looking at photos in later years and remembering the most important day of your life is as essential as the proposal itself. Providing John with what suit best his needs was Maria’s objective.

Photographer in Washington DC

At the Museum John and his wife had a gratifying moment. Maria knew exactly when to press the shutter button. She took amazing photos of the couple as they kissed passionately to mark the momentous day. She guided them to different pauses and positions to bring out the perfect mood.

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The Perplexing Washington Monument

Having been a photographer in Washington for a long time, Maria knew the tranquil places for a romantic vacation shoot. One of the stunning locations for a remarkable photo-session is at the Washington Monument. For any couple wishing to have an indelible proposal; this is the place to make it happen.

Photographer in Washington DC

To get the monument in a photo, you need to be a bit far. Aware of this, Maria suggested her favorite spot. From this point, she froze the moment with the site at the backdrop. The reflection on the waters and monument visible from the far behind was marvelous scenery. The couple’s smiles were evident considering the serenity of this place.

Photographer in Washington DC

At the Lincoln Memorial

John did not imagine the day would turn out as it did. It was perfect and worth remembering. The Lincoln Memorial is the spot for a snap with his wife as her cheer and appreciation were evident. She held him lovingly while Maria did what she was born to do. In a photo-shoot within a given city, you need a photographer who cherishes the thrilling moments that often arise from people in love. This makes each split second not only a pictorial event but also something to connect to, an input in the relationship. Lincoln Memorial was the ideal place for two lover birds to celebrate their forever.

Photographer in Washington DC

With an expertise of our local photographer, Maria ensured that minimum disturbance in her shots. Blurring the crowds behind John and his fiancé brought them out vividly. Thanks to her keenness when taking the photos, one would imagine the couple was alone in Washington.

Photographer in Washington DC

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