24. 7. 2018

Around the World with Friends in the Beautiful City of Budapest

It is a thrilling and fulfilling experience to have a vacation with friends around the world, away from all the hustles and bustles of daily life. No city comes close to Budapest in bringing such excitement. This is a city oozing with experience and offers its visitors magnificent places to tour such as the Hungary parliament, the Chain Bridge, the Great Synagogue and Memento Park to mention a few.

Budapest is a place full of history, and from the moment you set your footsteps in the city, it is an experience you want to relish forever. For instance, the Hungary Parliament also known as the Parliament of Budapest is not only the most significant building but also the tallest in Budapest. The building has a symmetrical façade and central dome that is hard to miss.

Photographer in Budapest

The Splendid Hungarian Parliament

Very few nations can boast of having a magnificent parliament that is a sight to cherish. The people of Hungary have bragging rights as their house of parliament is a popular tourist destination in Budapest. When Adriana and her friends set off for their vacation, they were very specific about this place.

Photographer in Budapest

Photographer in Budapest

As a result, to ensure that all their exhilarating moments in Budapest are captured, Adriana sought to work with András & Lili, a top vocational photographer who knows his stuff. Adriana and her group first posed for individual photos in front of the parliament. All dressed in colorful attire, and full of smiles enjoyed outdoing each other and Andras, our very able photographer captured each moment.

It was now time to for group photos and the beautiful ladies full of baby smiles lined up with hands on their waist to give a specter that resembles bridal maids. The parliament building was clear and pristine in the background, and the view was accentuated with a beautiful green flower garden.

Photographer in Budapest

The Chain Bridge

A vacation in Budapest is not complete without enjoying an enticing view from the Chain Bridge which spans the Danube River. It was now a routine to first enjoy individual snaps and then pose for group photos. András captured numerous moments both at the foot of the bridge and on it. They could not resist holding each other, and you could tell they were having a good time.

Photographer in Budapest

Request your photo shoot in Budapest now

The ladies also wanted a group photo on their phones and asked a stranger for assistance. Our photographer was all eyes and captured the moment. It was now time for Adriana and company to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Budapest from the rooftop in the city. Our local photographer with an eye for the right position captured these excellent relaxing moments. From the angle and location of András, the Hungarian parliament, some parts of the city and skyline were dominant in the background.

On the Streets

The vicinity around Hungarian Parliament is a sight to bestow. The surrounding buildings are actual pieces of art designed to complement it. The area has less movement and traffic allowing for one to take a moment and pose for photographs. Best snapshots are those made when you are unaware. András caught Adriana and her friends by surprise as they were walking and laughing as they enjoyed each other’s company in the cozy city.

Photographer in Budapest

The new queens in town could not help it posing for exuberant photos in the middle of the road. You could be tempted to join in the fun. They blended well, and our gifted photographer captured every particular moment. You can always reach out to us for this and more.

Photographer in Budapest

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