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Family Day Photo Shoot in Historical Istanbul

12. 6. 2018

Commonly known as the City of Constantine, the old walled Istanbul is living history. Constantine was the name of a legendary king of the Greek colonialists. Strategically located, it has attracted armies over the centuries. The Greeks, Romans and Veterans wistfully took turns ruling the city up until the Ottomans took over. While straddling three continents, Istanbul has a wildcard for the legendary Silk road linking Asia with Europe. It is home for architectural triumphs to create one of the world’s greatest skyline, rich historical facades and culinary heritage.

Photographer in Istanbul

Istanbul is sprinkled with scenic sites ranging from historical artefacts, architectural wonders to religious places filled with mosaics and frescoes. Its temperate oceanic climate with hot and humid summers and cold, wet occasionally snowy summers makes it atop on travelers’ pick. The City of Constantine stands as a tourist’s arcade offering a range of scenes to unravel like the magnificent Blue Mosque, the historic Haseki Sultan and the amazing Tulip Carpet.

Traveling to a new place with a loved one is good for bonding as this provides a perfect venue for creating new memories while capturing the moments. Recently one of our clients Sara was touring Istanbul with her mother. She contacted us for a shoot around the city’s most iconic places. Our incredibly talented photographer Emrah was excited to do the shoot.

Photographer in Istanbul

Blue Mosque

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque is a historic imperial mosque built around the 15th Century. Its design is an embodiment of Byzantine Christian elements and Haggia Sophia traditional Islamic architecture; five main domes, six minarets and eight secondary domes. It was named the Blue Mosque because of the blue tiles surrounding the walls of the interior design. The historic mosque as a background are a tale of monumental travel.

Photographer in Istanbul

Photographer in Istanbul

The mosque has a variety of unique sites. Emrah understood her way around the mosque hence she picked the exquisite sceneries for amazing photos. The extra green environs with the domes peeking out in the background with Sara and her mother in the forefront fit in frame of an amazing photo.

Photographer in Istanbul

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Tulip Carpet

The tulip is the symbol for Istanbul and Turkey due to its famous for its tulip bloom, between March and May. The momentous Sultanahmet Square where Constantine’s Hippodrome is located homes a stunning display of 564000 tulips, the world’s biggest tulip carpet. Festivals are held every year during the Tulip Bloom where tourists travel around the world to feast in a banquet.

The tulip carpet puts up a magical yet scenic moment. Emrah takes amazing photos of Sara and her mother near the colorful carpet.

Photographer in Istanbul

Haseki Sultan Complex

First of a royal project, the complex was commissioned by Haseki Hurrem Sultan and his wife. It is a renowned as an ancient Ottoman mosque complex with a first-class architectural design situated at the very heart of the Faith district. The mosque complex is an embodiment of a Friday mosque, a soup kitchen, a madrasa, an elementary school and a hospital. From the street, the highlight of the complex is an engraved stone inscription chronogram in Turkish specifying the date the mosque was built.

Photographer in Istanbul

The photographer captures amazing photos of Sara and her mother from varying angles of the chronogram. The array of vintage street lamps adds a unique element. Every special moment can be captured by one of our vacation photographers and supplying our clients with high-quality and professional pictures no matter the occasion and setting.

Photographer in Istanbul

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