December 11th, 2020

Love and Life Under the Spectacular Skies of Lisbon

Lisbon is the go-to place at any time. Be it for a vacation, surprise proposal, or a couple on a romantic escapade. It expands over seven hills, perched on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, with sandy beaches minutes away, from the cobbled stone city and luxuriously green Holy Mountain.

For a vacation photographer, Lenaelle chose our own, who is based in Lisbon. Carlos takes photos of family displaying his artistry on each photo he snaps. He freezes moments behind the lens, displaying good focus, contrast, and depth of feel.

Photographer in Lisbon

The Tram 28 Excursion

Introduction of the wooden tram 28 was the best thing that could happen to globetrotters visiting Lisbon. Lenaelle could not afford to miss using a tram for a sightseeing adventure around the beautiful city. They are the clear-cut icons in Lisbon and always give the ideal milieu, any time you show family and friends photos of your Western European holiday.

Carlos managed to depict each aspect of Lenaelle’s ride on the tram 28, and the couple could not ask for more. The beauty of Lisbon is not complete without having a ride on the tram. A trip in tram 28 was terrific. Its color, vintage yellow, is perfect since it dramatically matches the appearance of the cute small streets. Rua Vieira Portuense, Calcada Do Doque, and Travessa Do Paraiso provided the best views as Carlos took the beautiful couple through an extraordinary photo session.

Photographer in Lisbon

Castelo de Sao Jorge

A shot on top of the castle, capturing the southern side of the city, and partly the beautiful beach of the Ocean, satisfies the dreams of Lenaelle and his love. With a slight inclination of the camera, Carlos captured the sky, above the ocean the city and the beautiful Barlenga Island bordering the town. The couple loved the rampart walkways along the perimeter walls. However, the intriguing heights of the vast walls made them a little nervous, that Lenaelle had to kiss her as they paused for a photo sending butterflies throughout her body. As the sun sets, the walls create a magical clear panorama exposure for intimate pauses.

Photographer in Lisbon

Architecturally, the castle is spread out into a rough square and was initially encircled by a wall forming a citadel. Carlos, having precise knowledge of where and when to press his shutter button, did not disappoint his clients. The old stare-cases with perfectly green bushes around them looked intriguing in front of a camera.

Photographer in Lisbon

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Caught Unaware

A photo was taken without disturbing the subject always brings out the most natural image. Carlos snapped several shots as Lenaelle had a moment with his wife. This whole photo session was the peak of the lovely afternoon adventure as the couple had so many enchanting moments. Lenaelle himself was not left behind, he took close photo of the beautiful paint on the castle wall.

Photographer in Lisbon

At the Beach

An intentional, few steps behind the two, enabled Carlos a split second to capture them walking along the paved beach. Displaying the stretched bridge, the ocean and the Island created a natural allure of love. The couple later paused for more captures, at this prepossessing view. In his charming flair for couple photography, Carlos came up with a masterpiece that is beyond compare.

Photographer in Lisbon

For all your vacations and family excursions, you can reach us for a photographer that will suit all your needs. We have family photographer in any given city around the world.

Photographer in Lisbon

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