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Magic Prague photo shoot with Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler | Vacation photographer

12. 11. 2015

Alex is one of the most famous travel bloggers in the world. She’s known as Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler and has thousands of followers. It was our great pleasure to become her vacation photographer for one early morning session in Prague.

Alex has been traveling the world for some years now. She shares her experiences and feelings on her blog. Her style is unique, honest and very unusual in the world of (sometimes quite ordinary) travel bloggers. Simply said – her blog is definitely not like one-of-many other blogs. We believe that the reason for that is her unique view and approach to living – she practises yoga (even during our photo session), has a healthy lifestyle and she’s a vegetarian.

Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler in Prague

She came to Prague only for a few days. Her schedule is always really tight so we were really lucky that she managed to have some free time for the photo shoot.

Prague photographer

We arranged the photo session for early morning just one day before she was a guest speaker at Travel Massive conference in Prague. We had a great talk about day-to-day life of a travel blogger, her experience with public speeches and about traveling and life in general.
Prague photographer

Prague vacation photographer

Photography, Charles Bridge

It was a great time and we hope to meet Alex again soon!

Portrait photographer in Prague

Photographer in Prague

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