Prokurative Square

Prokurative Square in Split is indeed a top photo spot for photoshoots due to several compelling reasons:

1.) Architectural Beauty: Prokurative Square is renowned for its stunning neo-Renaissance architecture. The square features a symmetrical layout with elegant facades, arched colonnades, and a spacious open area. The harmonious design and intricate details of the buildings provide a visually appealing backdrop for photoshoots.

2.) Historical Significance: The square has a rich historical background, as it was initially designed to resemble St. Mark’s Square in Venice. Its historical significance adds depth and character to the photographs, evoking a sense of timelessness and cultural heritage.

3.) Vibrant Atmosphere: Prokurative Square is a vibrant and bustling gathering place in Split. It is often filled with locals and visitors enjoying the lively ambiance, street performers, cafes, and events. The energetic atmosphere creates an engaging backdrop, allowing photographers to capture candid moments and authentic street scenes.

4.) Spectacular Lighting: The square’s layout and open space make it an ideal location for playing with natural lighting. During different times of the day, the sun casts beautiful rays and shadows on the buildings, creating a magical atmosphere for capturing unique and dynamic photos.

5.) Versatile Shooting Options: Prokurative Square offers diverse shooting options. Whether it’s portraits, fashion shoots, architectural photography, or capturing lively street scenes, the square provides a range of possibilities. The combination of the architectural elements, surrounding landmarks, and the lively square itself allows photographers to experiment with various styles and themes together with you.

Available Shooting Lenghts:
  • 30 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • 100 minutes
  • custom

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