Peristyle Square

Peristyle Square in Split is indeed an amazing photo spot for photoshoots, offering the following five reasons:

1.) Historic Splendor: Peristyle Square is a magnificent open-air space located within Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The square showcases impressive Roman architecture, including well-preserved columns, arches, and intricately designed details. The historic splendor of Peristyle Square provides a captivating backdrop for photoshoots, evoking a sense of grandeur and antiquity.

2.) Architectural Variety: The square is surrounded by a mix of architectural styles, representing different periods throughout history. From Roman influences to medieval and Renaissance elements, Peristyle Square offers a diverse range of architectural details and textures. This variety allows photographers to capture unique compositions and play with contrasting aesthetics.

3.) Central Location: Situated in the heart of Split’s old town, Peristyle Square is a hub of activity and a central gathering place. Its strategic location makes it easily accessible and convenient for photoshoots. The square’s lively atmosphere, with locals and tourists bustling about, adds a dynamic element to the photographs, allowing for the capture of candid moments and vibrant street scenes.

4.) Cultural Heritage: Peristyle Square is not only visually stunning but also rich in cultural heritage. It is a place where history, art, and local traditions converge. The square often hosts various cultural events, performances, and celebrations. Incorporating these cultural elements into the photoshoot can add depth and meaning to the images, capturing the essence of the city’s identity and spirit.

5.) Atmospheric Lighting: Peristyle Square’s open design allows natural light to play a significant role in shaping the ambiance. Depending on the time of day, the sunlight creates dramatic shadows, illuminates the columns, and casts a warm glow across the square. The interplay between light and shadow adds depth, texture, and a touch of magic to the photographs, enhancing their overall visual appeal.

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