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Professional Portraiture in the City of 100 Spires

23. 3. 2018

Prague, City of 100 spires. An architectural wonder located in the heart of the Czech Republic. As the
capital Prague is full of cultural splendor and one of Europe’s finest photographic destinations. When
Nathan decided to do a family photo shoot in Central Prague he needed a talented photographer to take
the helm. Fortunately, Robert, a local vacation photographer, stepped up and captured every moment.

Photographer in Prague

A Scenic Start on the Vltava River

Starting on the banks of the Vltava River, Robert guided Nathan’s family on a walk with the historic Charles Bridge as a backdrop. Constructed and completed by the 1400’s the 621-meter bridge is a fixture nearly everyone in Prague takes time to visit. Instead of trying to muscle through throngs of tourists Robert wisely decided to use the famous bridge as a background for the family photos. Friendly feathered locals join the scene on occasion as each family poses as directed by Robert. The scene also includes glimpses of the 9th century Prague Castle, the largest ancient castle in the world.

Photographer in Prague

Beautiful Natural Light Techniques

Robert is a talented natural light photographer. As you can see in the resulting portraits skin tones are flattering and shadows minimal to non-existent on this overcast day. Contrary to popular belief, bright
sunny days are not always great for photography. This is because the harsh lighting creates unflattering shadows and overexposed skin. With this kind of knowledge, it pays to hire a photographer to make you look good! But having great smiles like Nathan and his family does certainly makes Robert’s work a lot easier.

Photographer in Prague

Heading into the winding streets of Prague’s Old Town, photographic opportunities abound. And Robert gives expert direction on exactly how and where to pose and stand. Archways and bridges provide beautiful foreground frames and points of interest for the viewer. And every photo has a different depth of field chosen to either minimize distraction or maximize the impact of the background in relation to the subjects. You can tell Robert really knows how to shoot here in his home turf!

Photographer in Prague

Photographer in Prague

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Wrapping Things Up

Nathan and family along with their destination photographer decide to wrap things up further downriver along the Charles Bridge. Here the views of the bridge and Prague Castle are even more apparent and nearby trees provide foreground framing, another solid photographic technique you can count on a talented professional to provide! The two brothers take their turn together as do Mom and Dad before coming together in a final series of family portraits by the water. No doubt everyone had a great time; a nice stroll in Central Prague taking direction from a creative professional is a great way to spend an afternoon. And quizzing your temporary guide on local sites and attractions helps make future adventures that much easier.

Photographer in Prague

The autumn chill is evident in the fallen leaves, bare branches, grey skies, and warm clothes. Robert’s talent is obvious in how well he’s captured the complete ambience of this brisk day in Prague. And the variety of angles, from near the ground looking up to eye level gives a creative flair to this family outing that’s sure to inspire conversations from future views. When you take your next vacation to Prague, hopefully you’ll keep family photographer Robert in mind for your next shoot.

Photographer in Prague

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