31. 10. 2016

How to Reflect Quality Time in L.A.’s Stunning Architecture I Los Angeles Vacation Photographer

The remarkable architecture of the Walt Disney Concert Hall provides a unique background for any photo. Inspired by the building, a regular client sought the help of one of our local photographers to capture memories from her travels in Los Angeles.

Returning for More

You may recognize Cheska, a returning client, from a previous photoshoot of her solo travels in Rome. She enjoyed the experience and the photographs so much that she decided to book one of our local photographers while she spent some time exploring Los Angeles.

LA photo session at Walt Disney Concert Hall

As a solo traveler, working with a professional vacation photographer allows Cheska to return home with high quality photos that will make for better profile pictures than any shaky selfie from a cell phone.

Cheska had the opportunity to work with Ailey, one of our talented photographers, who was able to capture several stunning photos in front of the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The photographs from this session will add to Cheska’s collection of beautiful travel photographs, which she will surely treasure for life.

Los Angeles vacation photographer

Not only is it nice to have a professional photographing your holiday, but it is also nice to have a local to give you tips and advice to get the most out of your trip. Cheska recognized this advantage from her previous session and found that Ailey was able to provide insight into the diverse and large city to make sure that she got to experience as much of LA as possible.

Sunny Los Angeles

LA photographer

Cheska spent her holiday exploring other areas of California, but there isn’t anything quite like L.A. It is a city full of dreamers, and the sun is always shining.  Ailey was able to utilize the natural light of the city in the composition of Cheska’s photographs.  The lighting created a warmth and glow that illustrates the feeling one gets when strolling down the streets in the special city. It’s as if you can feel the warm breeze blowing through your own hair when you look at the photos of Cheska.

The city of Los Angeles is a melting pot of cultures, architecture, and people. Driving into the city, you can’t help but feel excitement as the skyline comes into view. The buildings stand tall and chic with countless windows and metallic building materials that the sun reflects off of. The skyscrapers served as a classic background for a holiday photograph in L.A. Just like the city itself, the photos stir emotions of inspiration, awe, and power.

Los Angeles pro vacation photographer


The architecture of the Walt Disney Concert Hall is symbolic of the city of Los Angeles. The building is big, bold, shining under the sun, and so many people can see themselves in it. The reflective surface of the building created beautiful visual effects in the background of Cheska’s photos.

LA photographer

Ailey did an excellent job of utilizing the unique appearance of the building to capture Cheska’s smiling face not once, but twice in one picture.

Ailey also did an impeccable job using the building’s unique shapes and angles to create beautiful backgrounds. The combination of sharp angles and soft curves contrast and complement each other. With this special building serving as a background, Ailey was able to photograph Cheska’s contrasting and complementing sides as well: the soft and sweet side and the stylish and confident side.

Local photographer in LA

Thanks to Ailey, Cheska was able to have yet another wonderful experience with a travel photographer.  She is proof that it is much more enjoyable to let someone else worry about photographing your memories, so that you can just focus on making them.

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