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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Solo Traveler Photography

“All by your own”- the thought is, without a doubt, daring yet fulfilling. Being a solo traveler means you are confident enough to accomplish everything by yourself. It is undeniably the most rewarding part of traveling alone. Although traveling is easier if you have a partner, friend, and spouse to help you with an unexpected issue that might arise anywhere, solo traveling prepares you to face the challenges alone. And that is where you learn self-awareness. 

Not only this, traveling alone adds to your experiences while expanding your boundaries. You learn how to synchronize with different people living in a diverse culture. Solo-traveling is an inspiring way to explore your limits. That means if traveling alone has always been your dream, you should not hesitate from experiencing the new side of your personality.

In short, solo traveling is fun until you need a pair of hands to click quick photos of you. This is probably one of the common questions that come to mind when you decide to globetrot the world alone. “How will you take your photos?”  Although digital technology has made travel self-documentation much easier, carrying camera equipment is hectic. If you are a traveling newbie, chances are you are probably not an expert in setting up the tripod, handling selfie sticks, attaching GoPro, or installing editing apps or software.

Having no experience in solo travel photography doesn’t mean that you can’t capture your memories. Hiring a solo photographer is one way you can lock in all your adventures and fun. With the solo travel photographer, you can click beautiful vacation photos without having to worry about missing out all fun. It is one way to liberate yourself from the stress of taking the right clicks. You can put down your camera and can connect with the surroundings.

Our services are the best choice when it is about hiring skilled photographers to take your awesome solo travel shots. Whether you are venturing in the mountains of South America or enjoying the summer festivals in Italy, you can hire your private photographer via a hassle-free online process.  Solo travel photographers make sure you discover all the unique places and preserve your memories in the right way and give your helpful solo travel photo tips. 

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How to Take Pictures as a Solo Traveler?

As mentioned earlier, traveling is a great luxury in life. When you travel alone, you feel liberated and confident. Once you stepped out from your comfort zone, you should not be embarrassed to enjoy and indulge wholeheartedly. A lot of solo travelers carry a selfie stick to snap quick pictures, which is no doubt one way to capture photos of you having fun. 

However, if you are not pro at holding selfie stick steadily, your solo travel photos may get blurry. Plus, pulling out selfie stick while you are hiking, skydiving or paragliding might be dangerous if you are inexperienced.

Similarly, carrying a tripod when you solo travel the world is not less than a hassle; especially if you do not have the right backpack. There are waterproof cameras for on-the-go travelers but using them requires you to learn and adjust the setting. 

The way to take this stress off your shoulders is to hire a solo travel photographer. The photography pro is full of solo travel photo ideas and makes your outdoor adventure super fun.  From telling awe-inspiring solo travel photo poses to make you look extraordinary on the camera, a professional photographer makes solo travel photography a breeze. 

Hire your solo travel photographer through our website. Fill out your information in an online form and get in contact with the photographer of your choice within minutes. 

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What are the Best Solo Travel Photo Poses?

There is no denying that a candid shot is easy to fall in love with. Posing as nobody sees you, although it is difficult; it makes the best photos that anyone can feel enchanted too. That means if you want to take some of the best solo travel photos, it is essential to shoot the poses that don’t look fake, staged, or awkward.

Don’t worry if you often struggle to find posing in front of the camera, here we have compiled some photography tips for a solo traveler and interesting solo-travel photo poses that will rock your Instagram.

Tip #1

Show the Back of Your Head

Not comfortable in facing the camera, try out this pose. It is a unique way to capture not only yourself but also the scenic beauty you want to seize forever.  All you need is to face the view you and get clicked. Show the back of your head and let your tresses flyaway with the breeze. Leave the rest on your solo travel photographer; he/she will take everything in the frame, making it an amazing pose. 

Tip #2

Play Tiny Human

As interesting as it sounds, this is one of the solo travel poses that will leave your Instagram followers in awe. This pose especially looks amazing when you’re exploring lush green landscapes.

Sit somewhere in the middle of the landscape and let your photographer click a photo of you from a height. The best part of this solo travel photo pose is that it does not focus on your facial expression. It captures your passion for nature and its beauty when you are truly engrossed in the surroundings.

Solo Photography

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Tip #3

Classic Face Away

This pose is a great way to show how invigorating and exciting solo traveling can be. Similar to the previous pose, classic face away also captures the environment around you beautifully. The only difference that tiny human and classic face away has is that it is not captured from the distance. When you look away to face the gorgeous view, photographer clicks you from sides or the back of your head.

Solo Photography

Tip #4


One of the best ways to overcome the awkwardness of taking solo travel photo poses is to “Move”.  Not only does it help you shake the stiffness away, but also add lightness and energy to your photos. Your movements have the power to invoke intrigue, excitement, and joy. Plus, it shows the range of emotions and moods you carry while discovering new places. 

Move back and forward or try pivoting between your feet that stimulates walking. Throw hands, dance or twirl away to convey that energy through photos. The moving images in solo travel photos are fun to watch and make great memories.

Solo Photography

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Tip #5

Use Hand Movements

The pose is another way to create a classic movement shot. Using hand movements in the solo travel photos insert a natural feel. Run your hands through your hair or play with your shirt collar, or skirt to make candid shots. In short, give your hands a job in the photos to make them more natural and easy.

Solo Photography

Tip #6

Creative Smiling

Feeling odd when you face camera is not something very uncommon if you are not a camera-friendly person. And when it comes to smiling, it may feel like a task. If you can’t stand the idea of smiling in front of the camera, why not bring in a twist. All you need is to recall the smile of 12-year old of you, put your hands down, and close your eyes. The pose will make you feel more comfortable and you don’t have to face the camera. This is the easiest way to show your lighthearted smile.

Solo Photography

Tip #7

Pose with Props

Since you are solo traveling the world, we wouldn’t suggest you to carry extra props for your traveling photoshoot. The best way to click unique pictures is to make on-the-go items your props. For example, you can pose with your water bottles, backpacks, coffee mugs, umbrella, and sunglasses. To give a creative angle, you can even use tree stumps and stones to create interesting poses.

Solo Photography

How Much Does a Solo Travel Photographer Cost?

Cost of hiring a solo travel photographer is one thing that stops many travelers from trying solo travel photography. The average price of travel photoshoot is ranging from $322 to $1000 per hour. This price can see the bump, depending on your location and length of the photoshoot.Hiring our solo travel photographer is an ideal way to manage your traveling budget. Offering you the super affordable packages, we know how to make your solo traveling photography experience amazing. You can opt for our Bronze package that begins from $250 for 30 minutes. In addition to that, you get 20 edited hi-resolution photos with 2 years back up.

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10 Reasons to Hire a Solo Travel Photographer for Your Next Adventure

Take a look at these reasons if you are not sure why traveling with a solo travel photographer makes your adventurous journey easy.

Reason #1

To Enjoy the Surroundings

Missing out on the moments just because you have to glue to your phone to click pictures and make videos. Your phone is the culprit that does not allow you enjoy your most singled out moments of adventure, joy, peace, and laughter. Hiring solo travel photographer is a bonus when you have to steal the precious moments to enjoy the surroundings. You do not need to sacrifice beautiful moments when you have someone capturing your breathtaking photos.

Solo Photography

Reason #2

Explore Unique Locations

A solo travel photographer knows the location’s ins-and-out. He/she is well-aware of all the beautiful spots and the best-kept secrets of town you’re visiting. He/she can be your walking guide who will also take care of your solo travel photography. That means you don’t need to carry maps of you hire a solo travel photographer.

Solo Photography

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Reason #3

Take the Best Candid Shots

Shots that are taken randomly make the best photos. That is why candid shots have more natural feel than staged photoshoots. Photo of you trying out a traditional Malaysian drink for the first time or twirling on African tribal dance will not just make the best photos but a story.

Solo Photography

Reason #4

Capture Organics Moments

Solo travel photographers excel in capturing organic moments of simplicity and beauty where you can let all your guards down and enjoy the current moment.

Solo Photography

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Reason #5

Localgraphers are Photo Experts

Not everyone is blessed with the ideal photogenic features. However, a solo travel photographer is an expert who knows how to make unphotogenic faces look beautiful.

Solo Photography

Reason #6

Better Photos than Blurry Images from Your Phone

No matter how expensive your phone is, its primary purpose is not photography. Only a quality camera with high-end lenses can do the job. Since you are on your life-time vacation, you deserve quality pictures that preserve the memories of your adventure trip in the best way. It is better to invest in hiring solo travel photographer than buying an expensive phone.

Solo Photography

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Reason #7

You Have a Friend

You might have not thought of it from this perspective. No matter how remote is the place you’re touring, by booking a solo travel photographer, you make a friend to roam around. Your photographer can be a skillful friend who is always ready to take your candid, extraordinary, silly, and fun photos. He/she can also give you plenty of solo travel photo tips.

Solo Photography

Reason #8

It’s Your Adventure, You’re the Star

Imagine walking on the beaches in Spain, strolling on the streets of France or browsing local areas in Manhattan and having a solo travel photographer there to click every moment of yours along the way. The feeling is not less than owning your paparazzi. Hire a solo travel photographer to make yourself feel special and the star of your adventure.

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Reason #9

To Share Great Memories

Gone are the days when asking strangers to take photos was considered okay. Now it may feel awkward and old-fashioned. With solo travel photographer, you do not have to face this problem. You can have great memories to share with your friends on social media and to make photo albums.

Solo Photography

Reason #10

Pro Skills

Nothing can beat the professional knowledge and techniques of a qualified solo travel photographer. He/she knows which lighting, lens and angle is best to take the exceptional solo travel poses.

Solo Photography

All in all, solo traveling is the best investment one can make to broaden his/her horizon of learning about the best places in the world. Book a solo travel photographer to seize your adventures in the forever memories.

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