May 22nd, 2018

Cherry Blossom in Tokyo

Tokyo passes sometimes as an underdog tourist destination for travelers and explorers. It is the perfect blend for tradition and modern with sleek sci-fi like skyscrapers built on old patterns whilst accommodating a perfect twist in the night with neon lights. One of the most magnificent creation in this perfect metropolis is the Tokyo Sky Tree, which is formidably the world’s tallest tower. But the perfect exquisite scenery, with the most magical allure is the Cherry Blossom in Ueno Park.

Ueno Park is a public park that homes a good number of major museums while still being celebrated in the spring for the cherry blossoms and hanami. Whether you are on a business trip or unraveling in Tokyo, no visit in the Metropolis is complete without stopping by to enjoy the amazing blossom. Such memorable moments are not complete without fascinating photos for the later.

Photographer in Tokyo

One of our clients, Kaspars contacted us for a shoot in the park with his girlfriend. His girlfriend has been travelling around Asia for about three months and what a perfect way to make up for lost time while making memories than a professional photo shoot.

They were pretty excited as this was their first professional shoot. Our incredibly talented local photographer Pooja was pretty excited to take up the job for she not only knew her way around Tokyo and all its diverse scenery but also understood how to package memories through fascinating photos.

Photographer in Tokyo

Light and Love

The cherry bloom features tones and tones of cherry trees of different varieties, both late and early bloomers. The spacious lawns and serene atmosphere of the park guarantee diverse sceneries for an amazing romantic shoot. While flowers are at the very heart of romantic gestures and innuendos, being able to map them in their natural occurrence into a romantic scene requires nothing less than talent.

Pooja used the blossoms to take amazing photos that captured the magic. The cherry blossom glistering in the background, sometimes shimmering in the forefront as the couples embraced added the right amount of light to the photos. The photographer tactfully captures fascinating photos by balancing the focal distance. The white and pink cherry bloom add color and magic to the love.

Photographer in Tokyo

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Up-Close and Intimate

A talented photographer understands the power of an up-close caption. While it highlights some of the infinite elements that would probably be overlooked, it brings out a personal and intimate vision. Pooja captured close-up photos through the white cherries, with Kaspars and his girlfriend in the appropriate light, perfect focus and every element fit into the frame. These were perfect photos that embodied the cherry bloom and the blossoming love.

Photographer in Tokyo


Sometimes romance is just the perfect balance between personal and unique. A stroll down the central alley of the Cherry Bloom between April and May does not fall short of a romantic gateway with your special someone. The local photographer managed to package a romantic gateway for the couple. The amazing photos captured in the right light and focus, while still balancing between up-close and personal were the ultimate gift Kaspars would have given his girlfriend.

Photographer in Tokyo

The highlight of the couple’s shoot in Tokyo would be the shrubbery, cherry blossom and the Tokyo Sky Tree peeking in the background all in one frame. Every special moment can be captured by one of our professional photographers in Tokyo and supplying our clients with high-quality and stunning pictures no matter the occasion and setting.

Photographer in Tokyo

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